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When we started this column, our aim was to pick one of the gazillion articles floating about on many of our fellow ‘football news-sites’ and point and laugh at their incredibly inane ‘rumours’ and ‘Stat Attacks’. We get the right to do this because of three reasons:

  1. We don’t have a huge reporter base with their ears perenially to the ground picking up the merest sounds of a rumour like how horses can pick up an impending earthquake.
  2. We don’t have a Statistics Team and in spite of the 8 Engineering graduates (and hopefuls) who write this blog, our Statistics grades are really nothing to write on BigFourZa about.
  3. We wouldn’t bother even if we did have both of the above.

Of course, pointing and laughing is the easy way out. So just to show we’re not always playing for the other team, I will acknowledge straightaway that this post has been inspired by an actually useful article from our good friends over at F365.

On the back of some tireless hard work and intrepid reporting, which involved 15 eye-straining minutes of reading the above article under the perennial threat of his manager peeking over his shoulder to see what the heck he was up to, yours truly has managed to gather some astonishing facts from this year’s transfers so far. (more…)

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Note from the BFZ Times: After a brief hiatus from the site, caused in part due to the BFZ Times team of editors stunned by the startling truth that 90% of  our readers (no no, you’re good, its those other people) cannot really grasp certain aspects of humour, it returns with some, ahem, shall we say.. “not so controversial news”.

Now that the World Cup is done with, the usual stories about a player leaving his “boyhood club” and going to his “dream-home-where-the-fans-are-the-best-in-the-world”, or vice versa in some cases, and stories about players wanting to follow the cash dangled in front of them, have begun in earnest. We, at BFZ Times, present to you in this article, the lastest transfer rumours and other gossip doing the rounds.

BFZ Times Gossip Column

Paulo is dead. Yes, there are rumours that Paulo the Octopus killed itself yesterday after it jumped out of its pool to escape the constant media attention that has been showered on it since it predicted World Cup scores correctly. (more…)

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Aaargh. Snow, Red hot chilli peckers and all. Shit band. All the same euphoric, nostalgic, nauseating song that Hey Oh. Man Utd fans need to do better than this :). Aargh. Liverpool match called off. Aaargh. No wait, I hereby summon the Legendary Black Beast of the castle of Aaaaarrrrrrggghh. Dammit, you piece of white shit. Now Bassong has to re-do his “I am not afraid of Fernando Torres” routine. Harry Redknapp’s hollow, big-four spot still in his wet dream,  praise of Liverpool will be forgotten now. Got you there ‘Arry eh . So what happens to the points for confidence these managers would have earned by their lectures in EA sports manager-mode. Like  “+7, the spurs faithful are pleased with how firm your feet are on the ground and -14, hey ‘Arry what did you say last week and by the way you just tripped on ice.” Anyways I agree with Ducky on one thing. We need to step up Global Warming. Get some one to play anti-Al gore and win an Oscar. Or introduce that 39th match thing in the fixture and bring the football to a place where I, like Felipe the Emirates guy, could do an on-ground reporting. Otherwise people might have to watch VH1 here comes the 2000s playing Heyyyy- Ohhh all over again.

Also read further to know how Rafa earns +100 points of confidence.


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New page is up boys and girls. Right next to the Fantasy League tab. Go Wild

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