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Maddy’s Note: Here’s one disgruntled, drunk mother of a United fan yet again. He digs up the greatest non-publicly-attributed-to-celebrity comments which ultimately make superb sense. Master of Satire (almost). Now he’s got a grouse with almost everything in the world. Poor boy Vishwa.

….you can either be a Real Madrid fan or a Barcelona fan. Not both. Not at any cost

-Karl Marx in Das Capital (Vol No: II, Chapter 11. Page no: 479)

Good feelings are ephemeral. The Bad ones are ever-lasting

– Katrina Kaif (An Indian Philosopher)

I can’t give you an honest report of the match.. I was too drunk and was watching the match with one apparently ardent Real Madrid fan who was supporting Barcelona, citing Spanish pride as the reason (sigh!) and i missed the first five odd minutes. I am avoiding papers. So I can’t give an artificial report of the match, either. But  the match was a total let-down for all the Man Utd fans. I mean , it is not often, when you see the Reds so clueless for 82 and a half minutes. You don’t get to see Edwin van der sar getting beaten at the near-post after getting a hand to it, so often. All in all, it was one of those not-to-be nights. Like the night at the San Siro when we got spanked 3-0. Outplayed and outfought the game belonged to Barcelona and with that we officially come to the end of one hell of a season. I am extremely sad, that it had come to an end in one very very disappointing fashion. Still , Van der Sar, near post, fuck!. (more…)


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Payback Time

About 3 and a half months back, Chelsea had sunk to depths where not many people would have put their money on us to finish with any kind of silverware. But things did change in these past 3 and a half months. Guus Hiddink has done wonders to a side which had been demoralised by the whims and fancies of a certain Luiz Scolari. For his role in revitalising Didier Drogba, guiding the Blues to a semi final slot in the Champions League where they all but beat the best side in the world and helping Chelsea reach the FA cup final, the Blues owe a lot to the great man. Wembley shall be Guus’s last match as the Chelsea coach. Its payback time to Guus Hiddink. (more…)

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It was 1994, Nou Camp. Matchday 4 of the Group Stages of the Champions League. After a 2-2 draw in the home leg, United went to Barcelona where they got soundly beaten 4-0. Sir Alex described the match as one where they got a ‘doing’. Going into the UEFA Champions League Final of 2008-09, you would have thought that this match would not be brought up for comparison at any time. You would have thought wrong. (more…)

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Speaking of neutrality, clearly the commentators weren’t. One of them said

 “I hope United win and do us Proud”

His respect levels went down a couple of notches before he earned it all back and more with the quote of the day

“There should be no controversies with the referee. He’s Swiss and therefore certainly neutral”

In the recent years Barcelona and Manchester United have been two of my least favorite football teams in Club Football. United – because of reasons already elucidated in an earlier post and Barcelona – because they were responsible for me having a miserable May 2006. Though I was pretty close to being neutral last night, deep inside in that warm place I guess I always wanted Barcelona to pip United. (more…)

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So the season ended pretty much without a whimper with Robbie Keane   scoring at Anfield ! So it was yet another one sided match in which ‘Pool scored 3 or more goals. (the count being 10 out of the last 13) .  So, in the league we won 10 of the last 11 matches and finished with a ‘Pool  record 86 points which would have been enough to win it on 12 of the 18 seasons. So, we scored the highest number of league goals (77) and had the highest goal difference too (50).  So, it was one of those seasons in which Manu and Chelski, in the league,  and RMad, in the Champions league, were humbled home and away (to put it lightly). So the club captain scored 24 goals and walked away with “Footballer of the year” award.  But what is the bottom line of it all. No trophy to add to the prize cabinet at Melwood come the end of the season.  Well no trophy at all since three seasons. This poses the thought,  “Is the bittersweet season a success or failure? ” (more…)

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Wag-Off Week 1

What turned out to be a frenetic start to the tie, wound down at a very repectable scoreline of 3-1. However, the idea is, we get basketball scorelines from now on. It’s still a start.

SInce the cat (no, please don’t think of synonyms, especially those that rhyme with Hussey) has been let out of the bag, and since ‘left wing shaded it’ for 3 people, here’s who your left wing is.


Krystell Sidwell’s been married to Steve Sidwell for four years now and they first met 11 years ago (horror!), which prompted our comment about his sticking to his girl a lot more than he sticks to clubs. But hey, in this day and age where the opposite is true (no Cristiano, we’re not talking about you), this is quite commendable indeed. On top of all that, darling Stevie tattooed their whole wedding vow on to his back. Time missed from the training grounds clearly…

For this low-profile WAG (Google barely returns any solid results on her), her appearance on the ITV2 show, WAGs Boutique, was the first and till date only brush with media madness. She eventually went on to win the competition and become a favorite among the fans, at least for a short while. And now, she’s our favourite too.

Steve and Krystell have two sons names Harry and Rocko, the latter in tribute to Sidwell’s love of the Rocky franchise. Seriously.

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Just to clarify, the only trucks I’ve seen are the ones at work. No pulling them with my teeth or lifting rocks the size of Uluru. I’ve just been down with a bad case of flu (thankfully not the swiney type). Many thanks to the Official Rep who filled in for me with an err interesting piece to say the least.

So it’s that time of the year. The IPL just finished last night. The NBA is in its Conference finals and will last another couple of weeks. And for all practical purposes the English football season has ended as well. (Fuck the two games that remain). Now THIS is why Formula 1 was such an integral part of a teenaged football watcher. When one finishes, the other begins and seamlessly slots into weekend entertainment plans. However Formula 1 has never been the same since the Red Baron retired so I quit watching. Now I really need to figure what I am going to do till the 18th of July when we play Barnet in a pre season friendly. Probably write one huge season review and seriously analyze where exactly we fucked up and things like that. (more…)

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