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Note from the BFZ Times: After a brief hiatus from the site, caused in part due to the BFZ Times team of editors stunned by the startling truth that 90% of  our readers (no no, you’re good, its those other people) cannot really grasp certain aspects of humour, it returns with some, ahem, shall we say.. “not so controversial news”.

Now that the World Cup is done with, the usual stories about a player leaving his “boyhood club” and going to his “dream-home-where-the-fans-are-the-best-in-the-world”, or vice versa in some cases, and stories about players wanting to follow the cash dangled in front of them, have begun in earnest. We, at BFZ Times, present to you in this article, the lastest transfer rumours and other gossip doing the rounds.

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Paulo is dead. Yes, there are rumours that Paulo the Octopus killed itself yesterday after it jumped out of its pool to escape the constant media attention that has been showered on it since it predicted World Cup scores correctly. (more…)


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The dust has barely settled. Not after yesterday’s game but after after yesterday’s game. The scenes at the Nou Camp were both awe-inspiring and ugly, depending on which side of the fence you’re watching from. Sometimes it was plain comical, if you were sitting on the said fence through the 100 minutes of madness. It didn’t help of course that the scenes took place at the Broadway of football with 90,000 Catalans simply not amused by what was going on. And yet the scenes unfolded, because the man who had made it happen is a man born for the stage. (more…)

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Look. If you have read any of my previous posts, you’ll realize that it is very rare for me to take offence, much less, actually resort to swearing. So, you need to realize that it would take something extremely mean-spirited, something so vile so as to make the phrase “douche bag” sound rosy,  for me to bring out the ‘C‘ word.

But. Sergio Busquets. Is. A. Cheat.


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For the uninitiated, this game is called Kabbadi. It is a sport which originated in India and is quite popular all over Asia now. In fact, the game recently held it’s first ‘World Championship’ which concluded around a week ago. In a match which completely missed the mainstream media frenzy, traditional rivals India beat Pakistan 58-24 to win the Championship. The point of the game is to ‘raid’ your opponent’s half of the ground, touch as many players as you can and get back to your own half without getting smothered as has happened above. Every player the ‘raider’ touches, gets you 1 point. So why all this on our football-mad blog? (more…)

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This other-big-four column after a really long time is brought to you by Aswin. A fellow Man Utd and Azzurri supporter. A man who has been through the full boom and bust cycle of the Serie A and prefers walking in the Rajasthan desert in the afternoon with winter clothes on to Liverpool’s football. Seriously!

Last weekend’s results between the erstwhile BIG FOUR in Italy were exactly what a neutral Italian  football fan did not want even if the football on display was good(and not mind numbingly boring as most of the media would have you believe) . Any hopes of a rejuvenated league were quashed and Inter are gonna run away with it yet again. Also it seems like one of the bigger teams might miss out on the Champions League. (more…)

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First off, answers to the first edition of Interlull fun

1)      Gone with the wind

2)      The Good, the bad and the ugly

3)      PSYCHO it is.

4)      Slumdog Millionaire

5)      The Great Escape

6)      There will be blood.

7)      Casino (more…)

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Apart from John O’Shea, combs , certain other articles which are used  to scratch your back but generally aren’t meant to be used that way and Carlton Palmer  there are only very few things that can be termed as multipurpose. One of them is the word “Hello”. You receive a call you say “Hello” as a greeting. When you don’t hear the speaker’s voice properly you shout “Hello, Hulloh, Halo, Hallow” on the mouth piece not realising that you are the one who is not able to hear and that shouting can never improve the phone’s reception capacity or your hearing capacity. Now, I am out of ideas. So let’s go to the next paragraph.

Of all the ways in which the word Hello can be used, I hate the addressing unknown personalities as “hello”. The reason is, I am now a “hello” in my workplace. The fact that I am on a temporary assignment made my temporary colleagues realize that burdening their already burdened memories with my name would be a very bad idea. I expressed this feeling of being totally unwanted to one of my friends who said “Imagine how van der vaart would be feeling. All your worries will evaporate into oblivion.” This came at a time when i was preparing a draft for my would-have-been-if-not-for-the-dialogue post about the results of the other big four in the champions league. Now that the dialogue had been delivered let us now concentrate on van der vaart, Real Madrid’s one of the many Hellos. (more…)

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