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The revised champions league format proved to be an impromptu holiday and I had the chance trot around and catch-up with some acquaintances…



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Chelsea beat Cardiff 4-1, here.

Keep the wallpaper as a gift!

Thought of it thanks to the sorry gooners image few posts below 😉

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What we have here, is a weekend without football. It’s not the international break, it’s not any Christmas vacation like in La Liga, it’s not a mega-boycott by all clubs over this increasingly heated-up issue of club finances with so many clubs. It is FA Cup weekend and three of the four clubs on this blog have crashed out unceremoniously from this glorious competition with its rich history, great heritage and a proven track record of generating ‘David and Goliath’ headlines. And , it seems to be the season for Davids, leaving us with absolutely nothing to do over the Valentine’s Day weekend. I mean, you know your love life is in tatters when even your club puts up a no-show on that day. Twisted sense of humour, that God person has. Well, we know at least one person who didn’t have a no-show today.

Crucial away game at the Emirate.

All this lack of mental (and definitely physical) exercise gives me mind and time space to sit and set some records straight about what a load of bull crap has been floating around – about United, Rooney, our own-goals fest etc. First, the mentally-challenged “football writers” at F365, and their predictions that we will finish third this season. (more…)

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I just read Maddy’s post. Full of lies. Anyways am sending this piece to studs-up(part-inspired, fully plagiarized).

So What exactly happened at half-time at Anfield.


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First off, answers to the first edition of Interlull fun

1)      Gone with the wind

2)      The Good, the bad and the ugly

3)      PSYCHO it is.

4)      Slumdog Millionaire

5)      The Great Escape

6)      There will be blood.

7)      Casino (more…)

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“Praising John Terry for the win at the bridge is like awarding the Oscar for the best dialogues to “CAST AWAY”. Abstruse, incongruous, inaccurate and so totally dumb.”

– A prominent dig at keyrock’s prominent post

According to an old drunkard, whom I met yesterday, breaks are supposed to be used for relaxation. Not reflecting on previous performances and predicting who is going to win what. So just to beat the boredom a bit I have put up a few questions, in the form of a quiz. It’s called the Ultimate Football-Hollywood challenge. Please type in the answers as comments, and for a change, try to be honest. (more…)

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