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On most days, I’m an angry and frustrated boy. I still don’t know whether I subconsciously choose to loathe the ‘big boys’ of other Leagues or if they really are overgrown schoolchildren (see what I did there?). The latter possibility seems more likely because we know a) the huge number of supporters these clubs have and b) the huge number of overgrown schoolchildren in the world. It was therefore with considerable surprise that, at the end of the 2008-09 season, I looked at a team lifting a trophy without cringing. As Manchester United were beaten by a Messi header (for more oxymorons, see ‘Chelsea youth product’ and ‘Clichy goal’) and the Catalans cavorted around with Old Big Ears, a ghost of a smile may have passed my face. I was even prepared to put the Henry tapping up incident in the ‘water under the bridge’ category. Here was a team that played wonderful football, had a likable manager and whose crux was players from their own academy. If these weren’t ideal champs, who were?

But many things have happened over the past year. In a nutshell, Barca have proved how shallow, spoilt and stupid they are.

Shallow, because they clearly have no pressing need for a midfielder of Cesc’s type. Joan Laporta wants to be the man who started the process of bringing the ‘Golden Boy’ back home while Sandra Bullock (or Rossell, same difference) wants to be the man who finished it. (more…)


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Ducky’s Note: Robert Blanchette is a lifelong United fan and an Old Trafford regular since the tender age of 9. He has his own blog at View from Tier 3 which is, obviously, the views of a season-ticket holder form Tier 3 at Old Trafford. The following post deals with a question which has hit very close to home for this blog especially, considering it’s a blog about ‘The Big Four’ – Will it become the ‘Big Three’ for next season, and the seasons to follow? Rob seems to think so.

This below article originally appeared on his blog VFT3.

Firstly, I have to say I didn’t expect any favours from Liverpool. I wasn’t praying for some sort of miracle, or that the Scouse would cut their own noses off to spite their 18 league-titled face. (more…)

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Maddy’s Note: I am really tickled at some of the responses I got to this post. I have been accused of being shit, being scum, being an untrue fan, being a closet spud and other such unspeakable things. The Manc on this site is laughing his backside off because him and people who know me are often rendered speechless at the levels to which I go to defend Arsene Wenger and his policies. In my eyes, the man can do no wrong. So just to give you some heads up and make it clear at the very outset, this piece is entirely sarcastic. There.

Clearly this Arsenal side is woefully short on quality, quantity and height. If we are to win the league make Europe next season, it is imperative we make some massive buys. We all saw what happened to Liverpool right? City came into the scene, splashed a few dozen gazillion pounds and Voila! Champions League football baby! Tottenham are surely going to do the same this summer. They’ve apparently submitted a copy of their latest DVD which they released yesterday, commemorating their win in the NLD, as security to the banks which are now willing to lend them the equivalent of Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s daily toilet paper expense (before you scoff, his toilet paper is allegedly made of diamond encrusted platinum sheets, and the good Sheikh is a fan of fine dining).

What follows is my wish list; the people I’d like to see come and play for Arsenal next season, and I think the Arsenal Staff and players can be glad I’m not Ivan Gazidis because if I were, the rug under their feet would’ve been jerked out faster than you can say Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. (more…)

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A question we at BigFourZa have been asked way too often over the past couple of months is, What ARE you guys going to do next season? The choices we’ve been given are, (more…)

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An unbelievable first 41 minutes of the game where we blew away all talks about one-man team, young and inexperienced squad and fatigue as we showed the Germans the meaning of their own word ‘Blitz’.

An equally unbelievable next 49 minutes where we proved all the critics right about the inexperience, got ourselves silly yellow cards, saw the man of the season practically limp off and played defence vs attack hoping to not concede one goal. It was never gonna happen. I was just waiting for the goal to happen so that I could switch off and go to sleep. Thanks to Robben for providing me with 15 minutes of extra sleep.

Down, and this time, out.


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By Felipe Hassin Pinto a.k.a The Man from the Grove

Maddy’s Note: A difficult- to – take night at the Camp Nou is covered by our ‘Foreign Correspondent’ and good mate Felipe. He’s got some tough questions to ask of our board and manager. Please note these are his views and do not Reflect BigFourZa’s views. Indeed, I will be having a vociferous discussion with him arguing various points he has made. Of course, if you don’t agree with him either, leave a comment and let him know.

I don’t doubt your love for Arsenal. But I do doubt that anyone in this world is as pissed as me. I have been rehearsing this article inside my head since the final whistle, and I confess I have failed to decide what to say. I have mixed feelings about this loss. (more…)

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What did I say about my constant mood swingings. Coming from the back of a flamboyant victory against Sunderland, I for once finally came to a conclusion that the team has turned the corner. We have already discussed to death on how Liverpool are better off going forward than their overtly cautious approach. If there was any message that we learnt from last season, it was this. Which is exactly why Rafa Benitez himself spent oodles of cash on Glen Johnson and Aquilani, given the might of their attacking prowess. At Portsmouth and though they are shite, we saw players moving all round the field, a rarity this season. For once, “Pass and move, the Liverpool groove” was witnessed and that instilled the belief that we could build the team from there. Sunderland last week must have banished any lingering doubts on our attacking ability. So when the stage was set for Birmingham yesterday, all I expected of the Reds was to give their very best, no matter what the result might be.

An expectation that lead to disappointment, like most of the season.


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