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Ducky’s Note: In a moment of incredible irony for all of us here at BigFourZa, our first full season as a blog about The Big Four has resulted in one of the Big Four not finishing in the Top Four. As always, we maintain that we stand by our Scouser friend for the next season and many more to come. But has Spurs’ invasion of the Top Four broken the concept of a Big Four? Swaroop, Arsenal fan by passion and sports journalist by profession, has a guest column for us about the Spurs, their season so far and what happens next.

Tottenham Hotspurs have always lived by the motto ” To dare is to dream,” but many of their dreams have usually vaporized before they wake up in the morning and smell the coffee. This time however, they have lived that dream, and have poured out all their dreams on a bowl much like how Albus Dumbledore used to put his thoughts in a pen sieve. They have dared, they have dreamed and they have finally delivered their dreams. They’ve had their fair share of  trials and tribulations which has taken them from bottom-of-the-table barely 20 months ago to Europe (Read: From Jacques Santini to Juande Ramos via the constipated Martin Jol) (more…)


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Ducky’s Note: Robert Blanchette is a lifelong United fan and an Old Trafford regular since the tender age of 9. He has his own blog at View from Tier 3 which is, obviously, the views of a season-ticket holder form Tier 3 at Old Trafford. The following post deals with a question which has hit very close to home for this blog especially, considering it’s a blog about ‘The Big Four’ – Will it become the ‘Big Three’ for next season, and the seasons to follow? Rob seems to think so.

This below article originally appeared on his blog VFT3.

Firstly, I have to say I didn’t expect any favours from Liverpool. I wasn’t praying for some sort of miracle, or that the Scouse would cut their own noses off to spite their 18 league-titled face. (more…)

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Ducky’s Note: Swaroop S is a huge Arsenal fan (we seem to have quite a few of them around don’t we) and among the most active members of the EPL community here in India. He currently works for a well-known media house, but he has promised us that his heart lies with BigFourZa 😉 Here he delves deep into the forthcoming mouth-watering Arsenal-Barca clash, and comes out with matches within the match that we should expect.

The UEFA Champions League has seen many hyped up battles over the years – some lopsided, others worthy of the occasion. On March 31st 2010, there will yet an other chapter written in the annals of its history when two proud footballing clubs – arguably the two most aesthetic sides in Europe – compete against each other at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium. (more…)

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Vishwa’s Note: Yet another post not written by me. This time it is a Guest Column one of our regulars, S Karthikeyan a.k.a SK having a look at what the likely outcomes of the title race would be. From two managers’ perspective.

With eight games to go (9 in Chelsea’s case) and this being the closest league finish in many many years, it presents endless opportunities for the dreamer in me to fantasize – a la that Kurosawa classic, Rashomon.

Presenting two of such tales with four crucial fixtures (chapters) taken as the crux. (more…)

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Ducky’s Note: (Obligatory) Ladies, Gentlemen and fellow Mancs. BigFourZa is proud to present another guest author from the world of Orkut fan communities, and thankfully, this one’s not a Gooner. So please welcome Prashanth, the moderator of the widely popular United Orkut community, more popularly known as 2939 among us Mancs. Here he takes a look at Michael Owen, the roller coaster ride he has had at United, and the season-ending hamstring crock that Wembley’s done to him.

Pop goes the hamstring

When we were laughing our heads off at the brochures Mickey made, none of us, let alone mancs, thought Fergie would even be interested in it. Oh and Mickey himself was flabbergasted. But then, personally, it went from, “Nayyyyy, Fergie is just trying to piss off some ‘pudlians and Benitez like usual ” to a ” WTF, Mickey at United”? (more…)

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Vishwa’s Note: Here is Aswin again but this time he has declared war on all the Berba haters/doubters.

“He’s a great player and you’re all idiots.. I wish I had bought him for 10.9 million”

Some Scotsman.

“NO JOHN!!! He could have never survived playing like that in the Malaysian league”

Shebby ‘wiseass’ Singh

Off late, I have been pretty pissed with the Berbatov bashing going on in TV commentary/forums/ opinion columns. It hit an all-time low when my roomie got mocked at work for sporting a Berba jersey by Glory hunting (to be more precise ignorant) “MANU” fans who cannot name the starting back 4. So I decided to write this discourse without referring to the sublime West Ham skill, the overhead kick assist to Valencia or calling him misunderstood genius (!!!). (more…)

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Nani Reborn!

Ducky’s Note: Robert Blanchette is back with a bang for Bigfourza, an expected move after the big game on Sunday. Rob has his own blog at View from Tier 3 which is, obviously, the views of a season-ticket holder form Tier 3 at Old Trafford. Following is his take on the match, and not surprisingly, it revolves around Super-Nan!

This below article originally appeared on his blog VFT3.

Just Wow! wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

When I saw the team-sheet I was totally underwhelmed. Nani’s had a good couple of games, but Park? Roo again isolated up top?? urgh! (more…)

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