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Contrary to conventional wisdom, I did not go into depression over the past week watching Chelshit p(l)ay their way to the fourth league title in their non-existent history. In a season where no team really got any sort of run going, Chelsea was probably the most consistent. Of course, they also didn’t lose 6 of their starting back four to injury over months like us or lose the only player capable of putting a ball into a goal like the poor Scouse. Arsenal are of course bound to lose 6 people to injury every season. But all things said and done, fair play to them. The diginified concession of the title by SAF after their demolition of Wigan is prrof of this general sentiment. What we definitely proved this season though is this:



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When Mr. Liverpool played his best pass all season for Drogba to round Liverpool’s best  player all season and put Chelsea 1-0 up at Anfield, our own Kop Writer on this blog said that ‘he had never ROTFLed so hard all season’. It was not that the pathetic back-pass was absurdly comical, it could NOT have been funny at all for a Scouser. Just ask any Gooner about Fabianski’s basketball dunk on Bramble’s head. It was not the bad-movie-villain-type muhahahaha either, at denying the blood rivals from the other town the chance to overtake them as England’s ‘Best Ever’. It was probably close to a laugh of resignation – at the match, at the season, at the manager, and at this moment pictured below. But even so, I’m not sure that was the only cause behind my Scouser friend ROTFLing.

United for the title? No thanks, I'll Pass

The thing is, England’s not the only league where this has happened this season. And that sets up a very interesting pattern of events to unfold across Europe in the coming couple of weeks. (more…)

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  1. The extended highlights package for the game will probably be for a duration of 45 seconds and will contain multiple angle replays of Shay Given’s shoulder dislocation because that was pretty much all that actually was interesting in the whole game.  (more…)

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Johnson to de Jong, Barry, Barry brilliantly nutmegs the young rookie Eastmond and finds Tevez with a beautifully weighted defense splitter, Tevez flicks one back to Adebayor, Adebayor runs around Silvestre three times, Holds him off with a palm to his forehead while he juggles the ball with his left foot and blows cigar smoke into Campbell’s face. Adebayor passes to FABIANSKI? Fabianski collects the ball (crowd lets out a stunned roar of approval) and promptly throws the ball back into his own net; 4-1 Citeh.

<Wakes up drenched in cold sweat> (more…)

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A question we at BigFourZa have been asked way too often over the past couple of months is, What ARE you guys going to do next season? The choices we’ve been given are, (more…)

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By Felipe Hassin Pinto a.k.a The Man from the Grove

Maddy’s Note: A difficult- to – take night at the Camp Nou is covered by our ‘Foreign Correspondent’ and good mate Felipe. He’s got some tough questions to ask of our board and manager. Please note these are his views and do not Reflect BigFourZa’s views. Indeed, I will be having a vociferous discussion with him arguing various points he has made. Of course, if you don’t agree with him either, leave a comment and let him know.

I don’t doubt your love for Arsenal. But I do doubt that anyone in this world is as pissed as me. I have been rehearsing this article inside my head since the final whistle, and I confess I have failed to decide what to say. I have mixed feelings about this loss. (more…)

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As bouts go ladies and gents, this is right up there with the Ali-Frazier slugfest. Its games like these that we football fans live for. Anticipation, nervousness, abject terror, oscillation between easy confidence and sheer desperation; this is what each and every Gooner is going through right now. And take my word for it, following our monster of a comeback last Wednesday, the culés are feeling no different.    (more…)

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