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Maddy’s Note: Warning. Contains Graphic Images. If you are particularly squeamish or have just enjoyed a good lunch, I’d recommend you give this a miss.


Malice [Mal-is] – intent on the part of a person who commits a wrongful act injurious to others

Malice [Mal-is] – (Antonym) – shattering limbs to bits, issuing a statement of regret, serving out a 3 game ban and getting on with it as though everything is hunky dory (more…)


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By Felipe Hassin Pinto a.k.a The Man from the Grove

I have to confess I do not know where to begin my column today. I am extremely emotional tonight.

I have mixed feelings about the game. At the same time that I am delighted with such inspiring victory, I am still devastated by what happened to our very own Rambo. The images are still fresh in my head. Though I was not in a privileged position to see his visibly broken leg, I did see the shocked, desperate expression from our lads. From the stands it looked clear to me and to my fellow traveler Gooners that Aaron was seriously injured. It was painful watching him being carried away from the pitch, while Vermaelen and Cesc had both of their hands on their heads, as if they were not believing what their eyes had just seen. (more…)

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Maddy’s Note: Early Christmas present for all you BigFourZa regulars. The Man from the Emirates; Felipe is back. I don’t agree with everything he’s said here today. But I sure am glad that we have him back .

One thing is for sure; this is the weakest Arsenal squad I have ever seen in my entire life. (more…)

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In what seems to be a classic case of that old expression (translated here for the benefit of all our readers) known as ‘Keeping the Mouth’, Wenger’s masterstroke forward has been done in by those devious Italians.

Van Persie

And so it happens.

There’s a reason why the knowledgeable football fan thinks 59 times on an average before calling Arsenal title contenders. Cos in any of those games, one of Arsenal’s high-speed, aesthetically wonderful moves will result in someone moving too fast for their own good. And then shit like this happens. (more…)

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