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Since it is off-season, I thought no one could make a bigger fool of themselves than me, but I was proved wrong! (Again!)

– Carlton Palmer, Football Pundit Extraordinaire

What the heck is this ‘Ajax’ thing which keeps coming up when Suarez is mentioned? Why is it not in the list of clubs I memorized? Can we talk about Cristiano now?

– Mayanti Langer,  Cricket, Hockey, Football and Quidditch Pundit Extraordinaire.

At least she’s not Mandira Bedi. Oh wait, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

– The Dude.

While it’s been a fortnight since the conclusion of the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’, as dedicated football fans, we felt it would just not be right to let the World Cup fade from our memories without one of BigFourZa’s special Factfiles. So, here goes: (more…)


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It’s a room that gives birth to conflicts in your mind. As soon as you enter the chamber and see the garishly purple walls, the crudely drawn stick figures on those walls, balloon shaped and magic wand shaped cut-outs, you immediately think: Ten year olds playroom. But that’s when the conflict starts. That’s when you start to feel an overwhelming aura surround you. That’s when you see the lewd postures that the stick figures have been drawn in. That’s when you see that the balloon and magic wand cut-outs are actually…well. And that’s when, in a flash of inspiration, it strikes you: FIFA headquarters. (more…)

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