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And God said let there be light. Immediately he realized it is not possible because there were no power plants back then. He then said let there be power plants. He then realized that there was no one to build, own and operate them. So he said let there be cunts. But then these cunts needed someone to fuck around with, to get petty photocopying duties done, to write note for approvals, to get their sons or daughters admitted in Engineering colleges, to just have some plain old irritating-helpless-creatures fun, to assist in their house shifting, to just about do anything other than building, owning and operating power plants. So god said let there be Engineers. Like that goes the story of how Engineers, Engineering and Engineering colleges came to existence. And yes! I am an Atheist. No much worse, I am a communist. Anyway, I hope that all of you loyal visitors to this blog understand why there has not been any post from me about all the mayhem that has unfolded since the Interlull.  Apologies and I hope the explanation tendered was a tad credible. By the way, Thierry Henry is a wily cunt and Rafa Benitez is footballs version of Suppandi . And for those trying to give statistics, results, pie-charts and loads of high-quality bull Shit to prove otherwise, I’d like to remind them of a  beautiful quote by  Minnisha Lamba. (more…)


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Why, In Rafa I trust

Contrary to popular belief, am actually feeling a lot better now. It still sucks to be out of the race. But there are a lot of positives at the moment in these situations. For example, I don’t have to watch another Liverpool vs Chelsea encounter again. No more euphoria filled March or April, not any of those drooling in front of youtube videos, without the optimistic “We shall not be moved” Gtalk status message after we get battered 3-1 at home, no need to be late for job in Thursday mornings, can do without Rafa’s rants and no more effort to put a brave face infront of others after we eventually bow out. See, Life can only get better.

But still anyday, I will choose to be there instead of what I am going to be.


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Football is a fickle beast

And before anyone beats me to it.

We don’t deserve to be in the Knock-out stages. Reality checks hard.

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First off, answers to the first edition of Interlull fun

1)      Gone with the wind

2)      The Good, the bad and the ugly

3)      PSYCHO it is.

4)      Slumdog Millionaire

5)      The Great Escape

6)      There will be blood.

7)      Casino (more…)

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To Rafael Benitez (for now atleast) and Whomsoever it may concern at Chelsea

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Warning : This could be boring

The Past few weeks have seen the worst crisis period of your wonderful career. There are times I used to think what made you quit as a Valencia coach and join Liverpool. You had two La Liga titles and a Uefa cup glory with a meek Valencia side. And yet you chose us because of an altercation with your former employers. You asked for a table and they gave you a Lampshade. That was your answer. Which makes me wonder. Because a lot of people keep asking why Rafa Benitez is still not sacked as the Liverpool Coach. A Ridiculous question. My way of putting it is why hasn’t Rafa Benitez quit Liverpool yet. You asked for a table and you had to buy a Lampshade. Only you had to sell for it.


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“Praising John Terry for the win at the bridge is like awarding the Oscar for the best dialogues to “CAST AWAY”. Abstruse, incongruous, inaccurate and so totally dumb.”

– A prominent dig at keyrock’s prominent post

According to an old drunkard, whom I met yesterday, breaks are supposed to be used for relaxation. Not reflecting on previous performances and predicting who is going to win what. So just to beat the boredom a bit I have put up a few questions, in the form of a quiz. It’s called the Ultimate Football-Hollywood challenge. Please type in the answers as comments, and for a change, try to be honest. (more…)

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