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Words fail me. (more…)


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Maddy’s Note: I’m sure you all know who this is by the sheer number of quotes. No need for introductions here.

“…..we are socialists. We totally are against the system which concentrates wealth only in the hands of a select few. “

# A Canadian Porn actor of Indian Origin.

“He came. He played. He conquered. He left. “

# Someone on Someone else.

A dictionary of business defines the word “Recession” as a slowdown in the rate of growth of GNP. It is generally characterized by falling levels of Investment, Rising unemployment and sometimes falling prices.

What a misleading description I say. You read the above description and then try relating it to Real Madrid’s latest acquisitions the only plausible conclusion would be that Recession doesn’t apply to Football….no wait Real Madrid CF. Seriously, analyze the description from the second line onwards. You will get where I want you to be. (more…)

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Adios, to the shortest-lived No. 7 in United’s history.

The question on everyone’s lips now is of course, who will Sir Alex buy? My answer is, it doesn’t matter. (more…)

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The transfer window is open again. While I expect and hope for some frenetic activity on the Arsenal front in the coming month, not too much is happening as yet. Some good news is coming in with the speculation that we’re almost there with Thomas Vermaelen, who seems to be a good solid buy. Consequently there isn’t too much to write about as yet as I don’t want to devote too much time on Madrid and Kaka.

Hence I’ve decided to do a bit of thinking aloud. No controversy or Chelsea bashing here this time unfortunately, so I just expect some good clean U/A feedback and comments on this one. (more…)

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In off-season slumber such as now, there really needs to be something in the ballpark of an adrenalin shot-Uma Thurman making out madly with you to get you up and going (or coming). Sure Federer won the French Open, but am I the only one who’s feeling like that 4th standard kid in the recess who shouts ‘cheating, cheating!’? I mean, I still think he should have done it against Nadal. Not that Nadal’s losing was his fault, but still.

As far as football goes, the Asian Qualifiers for the World Cup does provide for some entertainment. Park Ji-Sung is the first United player to qualify for South Africa 2010, so yay. The Australian team looks pretty darn impressive, while Qatar is more of a club, with Platini’s 6-5 homegrown players rule seemingly applying. Other than that, I’m definitely ruing the lack of Zee Sports in my bouquet of channels. I, who watched Tamil Nadu-Bengal Ranji Trophy, would have definitely watched Tamil Nadu-Bengal Santosh trophy. Apparently the quality of football is impressive. (more…)

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Ducky’s Note: Sample is a representative sample of your average gunner. Hope aplenty, dissappointments aplenty, and a love for the French (the language). He watches football, plays basketball, and smokes anything that burns. Well, almost. As every other Arsenal fan, here’s his “oh well” sort of take on the season that was.

It’s been a long hard season and the NBA finals have begun. Lakers take on Magic though I couldn’t care less since it is not the season I am talking about (although I do feel sorry for LeBron James and his Calves. And the Cavs too)

What I am talking about is the unbearable season the Gunners just had. At the end of a slightly bad FA Cup semi-final, a bad EPL season and a terrible CL semi-final, I am sorry to say this – but I am left as confused as a crocodile at a meat vending machine with only a dollar to spend. (more…)

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The very idea of starting our blog was to write about teams which people actually watch or follow. I mean, it would take either an eccentric genius or a crazy dumbass to start a blog featuring Crystal Palace, Sunderland, Southampton and Leicester City. And the underlying assumption of writing about the BIG four teams was that such teams would actually comprise of good, if not big name players. And that is where Murphy would disagree. So, like in all other places in life, things do actually go wrong in football too. And sometimes a few lucky twits manage to get into these big teams. End of the season is a good time for retrospection and identification of the worst 11 players to be playing in the Big 4. Here is my list. (more…)

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