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A Dozen Reasons to Smile

The month of August has been kind to us Blues. Here we give you 12 reasons why we are smiling 🙂

1. Chelsea have 12 points out of 12. What more can you ask for ?
2. Drogba looks menacing (bad times ahead for defenders)
3. Drogba-Anelka partnership looks good (more bad times ahead for defenders)
4. Adebayor went to Man City…phew, he had me nervous for a while there
5. Terry showed the finger to Man City
6. Arsenal shave off a couple of years from their average age, and open their own goal account for the season
7. Tottenham find themselves at the wrong end of the table
8. United lose to Burnley
9. Liverpool
10. Real Madrid
11. Barca give 38m quid and Eto’o for a di*k who is yet to score in CL knockout stages

And just when I was thinking what else to put…
12. Fisichella finishes 2nd for Force India at Belgium !!!


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Screamers are meant to Silence

Remember the posters that said today is the first day of the rest of your life. Well not quite so for the Gunners, but thats the kind of new hope Liverpool expected. Especially when a non-scouse-ready-to-pick-at-anything mate of yours calls you up after Bolton’s second goal ,to enjoy and indulge in his pre-mature moment of glory, not knowing what Liverpool’s Deus Ex machina has yet to offer.
And as the story of the day goes Liverpool claim their 3 points. Not the most convincing of fashions, but one a bit remeniscent of last year. When you score 2 goals against Liverpool, you better find a way in for the third one. Ask City,Wigan,Portsmouth last year.
From a Liverpool perspective things would have been expected to go much smoother. Their woeful record of defending in set-pieces still seems to be the source of amusement for some dimwits. But like UFO,comets and Force India podiums this is merely a passing thing. Of all the six or seven goals that were let in from set pieces only one of them had a case against Zonal Marking. Zonal Marking has worked and will continue to be so. Period.
Liverpool made hard work for the victory. Going down twice and coming back to seal the win. Now many cocky pundits criticized Rafa for signing Glen Johnson for a right back for an inflated price, rather than putting some money on the wings.With 4 games gone, thankfully there’s not any of those bullshit around. Glen Johnson has added a new dimension to the right back position, more than what Maicon and Sergio Ramos had done with their teams. Make no mistake, his goal was a piece of skill Messi would have been proud of. Cutting in from the right and driving low with his left foot. Also he has kept his feet grounded when it comes to defensive duties. Heck, everyone wants to have Glen the man in their Fantasy League. What more needs to be said.
The real pressing concern from the game though is not about defending the corners, rather converting the ones on the other end. The team has been wasteful in taking corners and the delivery at times is shambolic(As honest a scouser could get). But critics seem to be dead settled in picking up with the style of play, because the pass master is not there any more. Now for all those mancs and fans of the london clubs who thinks Liverpool are no good without Alonso, judging by the way things have gone so far, Think again.
Last season Liverpool started off with a 1-0 win against Sunderland. Yeah Keano and Torres combo sucked big time and the game was quite similar to what Liverpool are playing now, with the only difference between the two teams being a moment of brilliance from El Nino. Next game was Middlesborough. After going down, Carra equalised. Yes Jamie Carragher having scored a goal in his debut and since then scored more goals for the opponents than his club,  managed to get a deflected shot in. The Winner of course came from a Stevie G rocket, 93rd minute. Then came Villa who proved to be as much a thorn they are, niggling out a 0-0 draw. Yeah that’s how Liverpool started last year and for the uninitiated ones, Alonso played all those games.
And it was not until the North-west derby against United, that Liverpool started finding some real form to put a title Challenge. The Games so far are no different. Take Bolton. Liverpool were not in any sort of rhythm in the final third and kept lacking the finishing that was required to kill the game off. This although maintaining a fair amount of possession only means lack of match fitness or less confidence for the forwards. But there was noticeable difference when Bolton went one man down(Yeah, who said Lucas cant replace Alonso). More than giving a man to man advantage, Liverpool suddenly seemed to have found some much required confidence. And quite quickly thanks to that Placebo effect Kuyt and Torres combined beautifully to set up a Liverpool second. And at 2-2 with 7 minutes to go. Step up Stevie G and, mother of gods, what a stunning goal it was. Job done.
So the point is, anyone who is writing off Liverpool’s chances just because Alonso left is doing so at his own peril. A couple of years ago we were a one man team. Last year we were all Gerrard and Torres. And Suddenly since Alonso left, they say we are nothing without him. The truth is we have won and lost as a team, not just by anyone. Now I am not the biggest fan of Lucas, but we have won games without Alonso. For the mancs who say that Liverpool are shit with Lucas, remember March the 14th?


“Remember the posters that said today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Well not quite so for the Gunners, but thats the kind of new hope Liverpool expected. Especially when a non-scouse-ready-to-pick-at-anything mate of yours calls you up after Bolton’s second goal ,to enjoy and indulge in his pre-mature moment of glory, not knowing what Liverpool’s Deus Ex machina has yet to offer.


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Credit: The Gunner’s Dream

But fifty years into the future, no Gooner will forget that image of a tall, thin, white-haired French man standing imperiously in a hostile Old Trafford stand, arms outspread in defiance.” – The Mailbox

Say all you fucking want you Manc wankers, he is the epitome of dignity. He is the Man. And he is ours.

And did those boots, of Wenger’s team
Walk upon the Emirates turf so green?
And did they play, with great esteem
The best football we’ve ever seen?
And with a cannon on our chest
We play with heart, and mind, and zest
And we are proud to be Arsenal
In victory through harmony

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United’s midfield without Ronaldo is like last year’s Arsenal midfield without Ronaldo. Lots of potential, but pretty bloody impotent. (Though I still have my doubts about Carrick, Nani and Valencia. Oh wait that’s most of them. Scratch the potential part).

Arsenal’s current midfield, even without Cesc is pretty bloody awesome. Add to the party Tomas, Nasri and Theo and we got ourselves a TEAM.  (more…)

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(Pop-Culture Reference Alert): And so it is, O my brothers, that your friend and humble narrator finally slept off Saturday night, and woke up on a bright Sunday morning to a mild headache and a smile on his face.


However, I think the droogs in the picture would have a much bigger headache and a much smaller smile on their Sunday mornings. What say you, my brothers and only friends?

Many people wondered if the first of the Big Four clashes was coming too early in the season. Notwithstanding nonsense like this, it’s evident that everyone instinctively knows a big match – the players, managers, fans, even the dogs and pigeons on the streets and/or near the grounds. Or whatever stray animals it is that England has. (more…)

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There’s a reason why a United-Arsenal game has something different from all the other 5 combinations of games between The Big Four. The reason, is above. The historical reason goes back to the 90s, when United and Arsenal were probably the only Big Two, and everyone else finished in the remaining places. Instances include the Free for All in October 1990, the Premiership-winning goal that Arsenal scored in the 1998 season atOld Trafford and of course, ‘Goal of the Decade’ in the 99 FA Cup Semi-Final which announced the arrival of a certain Ryan Joseph Giggs. Then Liverpool got Stevie G, Chelsea got Roman and we have a Big Four. But the most recent famous incidents have always involved The Tunnels at Old T and Highbury. (more…)

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The Scots are a Mad Bunch

Honestly. I mean how else can you explain the fact that with their team 5-0 down on aggregate, around 1500 fans were singing raucously and dancing away to glory all the while holding up their Celtic scarves? Either that or they were piss drunk which after listening to all those stories and legends seems perfectly plausible. However I think they were drunk AND they have gone mad. No wonder William Wallace couldn’t do fuck with his rag tag bunch of merry men.

So coming to the game then. My first impression on seeing the team-sheet was Enh? Where the fuck is the creativity going to come from? Cesc was never in the picture for this game. There was no Arshavin and no Van Persie either. And wonder of wonders who stepped up? The Arsenal goal scoring machine Emmanuel Eboue, in his new avatar of The Arsenal play making machine. Err. Ok. Maybe not MACHINE. But he played as well as I’ve ever seen him play. Diaby was back after a strong performance at the weekend. Song was back. Denilson was in. Eduardo made his first Champions League start after Milan from ages ago. All in all, I felt it was a pretty defensive set up. Le Boss was I guess, backing us to do a 1-0. Still, point is this team had 8 goals between them in 3 games. Not a bad record at all. (more…)

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