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You’ve got big balls, and we’ve got big balls.
But he’s got the biggest balls of them all!

– AC/DC on Carlo Ancelotti.

The Kansas City Shuffle is when everybody looks left, you go right. It’s a gamble. It’s also spectacular when pulled off correctly. Just ask Slevin.

And in yet another episode of Didier, Didier, What’s the Score?, that’s exactly what Ancelotti pulled.To start with Drogba on the bench was a gamble, and there are no two ways about it. Very few defenders are capable of handling the kind of power and physical presence Drogba brings to the playing field. Yet, how do you better a team that banged in seven against Villa? But in case you don’t play Drogba and you lose, we all know where the finger of blame will point. I’m sure Ancelotti considered all this and more before handing in the team sheet on Saturday. The move showed that, paraphrasing Kipling, he can make one heap of all his winnings, and risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, or in other words, put his massive cahunas on the line when it matters most.

That’s why Carlo Ancelotti becomes the inaugural recipient of  BigFourZa’s Big-Balls award.



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The reason behind United-Liverpool early kick-off fixtures is not just plainly to impose an alcohol-free event, rather it always comes with the heavy post match indulgence. Which is why I am currently going through one of the longest hangovers of my life.

As we all know, the match bore a heavy consequence in the title-race and the top four battle and it was only a matter of who wanted it more. (more…)

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By Felipe Hassin Pinto a.k.a The Man from the Grove

I have to confess I do not know where to begin my column today. I am extremely emotional tonight.

I have mixed feelings about the game. At the same time that I am delighted with such inspiring victory, I am still devastated by what happened to our very own Rambo. The images are still fresh in my head. Though I was not in a privileged position to see his visibly broken leg, I did see the shocked, desperate expression from our lads. From the stands it looked clear to me and to my fellow traveler Gooners that Aaron was seriously injured. It was painful watching him being carried away from the pitch, while Vermaelen and Cesc had both of their hands on their heads, as if they were not believing what their eyes had just seen. (more…)

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By Felipe Hassin Pinto

aka The Man from the Grove

What is worse than losing? Losing via individual mistakes. (more…)

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Arse fan : Oh but it's the hand of god !!!

Arse fan : Oh but it's the hand of god !!!

I guess since we lost and again unjustly, I’ll put some FAQs

1. What is wrong with Howard Webb?

Howard Webb gave United the penalty against Spurs last year. Howard Webb didn’t give the penalty and innumerable free kicks against Arsenal at Anfield. And it was him yesterday who didn’t give a clear cut penalty at what was virtually the last kick of the game. (more…)

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