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Look. If you have read any of my previous posts, you’ll realize that it is very rare for me to take offence, much less, actually resort to swearing. So, you need to realize that it would take something extremely mean-spirited, something so vile so as to make the phrase “douche bag” sound rosy,  for me to bring out the ‘C‘ word.

But. Sergio Busquets. Is. A. Cheat.



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Johnson to de Jong, Barry, Barry brilliantly nutmegs the young rookie Eastmond and finds Tevez with a beautifully weighted defense splitter, Tevez flicks one back to Adebayor, Adebayor runs around Silvestre three times, Holds him off with a palm to his forehead while he juggles the ball with his left foot and blows cigar smoke into Campbell’s face. Adebayor passes to FABIANSKI? Fabianski collects the ball (crowd lets out a stunned roar of approval) and promptly throws the ball back into his own net; 4-1 Citeh.

<Wakes up drenched in cold sweat> (more…)

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Famous Arsenal fan

Every team goes into a new season with ambitions befitting their status. The newly promoted sides attempt desperately to stay up, the stragglers of the previous year hope to secure a place mid table, the decent but not great sides aim for the UEFA Cup or the Europa League as it has been rechristened, Arsenal, United, Chelsea and Liverpool shoot for the league and the Champions League. (more…)

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You’ve got big balls, and we’ve got big balls.
But he’s got the biggest balls of them all!

– AC/DC on Carlo Ancelotti.

The Kansas City Shuffle is when everybody looks left, you go right. It’s a gamble. It’s also spectacular when pulled off correctly. Just ask Slevin.

And in yet another episode of Didier, Didier, What’s the Score?, that’s exactly what Ancelotti pulled.To start with Drogba on the bench was a gamble, and there are no two ways about it. Very few defenders are capable of handling the kind of power and physical presence Drogba brings to the playing field. Yet, how do you better a team that banged in seven against Villa? But in case you don’t play Drogba and you lose, we all know where the finger of blame will point. I’m sure Ancelotti considered all this and more before handing in the team sheet on Saturday. The move showed that, paraphrasing Kipling, he can make one heap of all his winnings, and risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, or in other words, put his massive cahunas on the line when it matters most.

That’s why Carlo Ancelotti becomes the inaugural recipient of  BigFourZa’s Big-Balls award.


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The media has touted the ongoing spat between Rafa and Allardyce as childish. Yeah well, damn the media. I personally love this stuff, and at least it has given me a decent reason to write another post. As I have already said, Big Sam is one of my most annoying characters in EPL but then like a Russian Pole-Vaulter he keeps bettering his own records. Sam is the one of those utter personifications for the answer to what is worse than being useless. Useless and Oblivious.

Jar Jar Binks and Sam Allardyce, who's more annoying

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Plenty of talking points in the match against the Rovers and believe me if this was a big four encounter it would have been discussed to death. To start with, it served as a fantastic homecoming for Torres and mind you, this wasn’t just Torres trying to recover slowly into his previous mould. This was Torres clearly on a mission trying to make up for all the lost time. Also in this match was fulfilled the Maxi-Torres reunion since their Athletico days and boy didn’t they get along. Gerrard also broke his duck in the premier league after, well when was it Hull? And Reina, does he need any introduction. Exemplary. All those things aside the main talking point of the match will be the despicable animals from Rovers who, just a day after Aaron Ramsey’s horrendous injury, have dug deep to highlight the ugly low levels of English football. (more…)

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If u r a rglr readr n u read mah post yday, u wud remembr I made a ref to Cshley n Cheryl as da worst couple in da wrld. Well, I ws wrng. They arnt a couple nymore. Cheryl dmped Cshley aftr she fnd a set f fotos of him butt nakd in his Sent Folder.

Despite Cashley’s protestations of innocence claiming those vomit inducing photos weren’t for Vanessa Perroncel, her fickle excuse of a mind is apparently made up; which means they are no longer the worst couple in the world. That honor now goes to Fat Frank and John Terry. (more…)

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