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There were three points of time where I could have written this post. One was immediately after our latest putting-in-place of our noisy neighbours and third Fergie time winner against them this season. These three games are definitely a full chapter in the surely-to-be-authored bestseller ‘United’s late, late goals’. And of course, the sweetness of it all that it came against THEM. As encapsulated so beautiful by the untiring Red Nev in what is a clear contender for photograph of the season.

You... complete me.

Then we had Dr. Scholeslove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spuds after they carried on their brilliant home form from the Arsenal game into the game against the other Blue Scum in the league. (more…)


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One minute I’m composing the title concession in my head. The next minute I’m jumping over the sofas and chairs and everything else in my way in my house cos this house just ain’t big enough to hold a Manc celebrating a Double Double over the most hated team in the league. And our most hated team ever.


As much clarity as my phone would allow!

More on this after the Spud hopefully do something with Chelshit. Maybe kick Terry in the balls. I’m sure Wayne Bridge would appreciate that.

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To follow up on the preview post about the Derby, here’s a poster for the occasion from our ace photoshopper Nippo.

The hour neareth.

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It was not so long ago, 7 months ago to be precise, that I was sitting in a room in Calcutta filled with to-be-managers of India Inc., watching Manchester United’s latest No.7 write yet another chapter in that bestseller ‘United’s late, late goals’. This T-shirt moment below might have passed out of most of our memories, and that’s precisely why it needs to be brought up again.

Do the Double

 That night was an indication of how the Manchester Derby would shape up for the rest of the season, and for seasons to come. A lot has passed under the bridge since then(pun unintended) – the man of that day’s moment has got himself crocked as usual, our man of the season is probably crocked for tomorrow as well, and Man Shitty have proved that money can indeed buy everything Mastercard promised. (more…)

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By Felipe Hassin Pinto a.k.a The Man from the Grove

Once again I have mixed feelings about our game. At the same time one can say we were poor at the first-half, I would say we had a brilliant second-half. Our fighting spirit was once again there but I am still struggling to understand why we look dangerous only when there are minutes to go. Why do not we play like that the entire game? Why don’t we suffocate our opponents the same way Barcelona did against us at the Emirates? (more…)

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Famous Arsenal fan

Every team goes into a new season with ambitions befitting their status. The newly promoted sides attempt desperately to stay up, the stragglers of the previous year hope to secure a place mid table, the decent but not great sides aim for the UEFA Cup or the Europa League as it has been rechristened, Arsenal, United, Chelsea and Liverpool shoot for the league and the Champions League. (more…)

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Lighter’s Note: Before you call me on the title, notice that I’ve shown you the token courtesy of not starting with a bad pun along the lines of “Chelsea play West Ham. Hammers hammered!” or Chelsea nail Hammers into relegation zone!. Courtesy that The Sun and The Daily Mail have never heard of.
Also, this one is for The Granps. For everything.

This Saturday, Chelsea welcomed West Ham to the Bridge. And in a very refreshing change to the Lampard, Drogba, and don’t-get-me-started on Terry show, some of Chelsea’s unsung heroes stood up and got counted. West Ham on the other hand, lay flat on their backs, and got mounted.

Rooney has a bald patch. Alex has an entire head.

Alex is a central defender. However, if you believe in Hindu mythology, you will know that this is but one of the nine lives in the great and mysterious cycle of life and death. And applying the Hindu teachings of Shree Nithyananda, it becomes clear that Alex, in some past life, was either

  • Steve Bruce’s nose.
  • A Chuck Norris round house kick.
  • A watermelon.

Because, these are the only other things I know of that can reduce a grown man to tears on making contact with a ball (or two). If there was anything more unforgiving and solid than Alex in defence on Saturday, it was his head. BigFourZa’s condolences to the Nike Special Edition Football which upon making contact with Alex’s head, died of internal hemorrhaging. (more…)

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