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Forgive the tacky title. I’m not thinking too well right now. Right, so you’ve had the serious eye witness version of last night’s game. I sadly caught only the deferred telecast on Ten Sports which chose to play Fiorentina vs. Liverpool which admittedly threw up a pretty hilarious result. Rafa, Rafa, Rafa, When will he ever learn to shut his mouth? Anyway, so I got up at 2:20 in the morning and was just in time for kick off and had no idea what the result was. I remember I was in the exact same situation for the Roma game which we won on penalties and I nearly went online a dozen times to see if we’d won or lost before the final penalty was thumped in. Tata Sky BLOWS. Get Zee Sports on you clowns!

RvP (more…)


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We are Back!

Maddy’s Note: Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t you wish you were in this guy’s shoes? Pops down to the Emirates every weekend. A good game, a nice pint to celebrate the win. Sigh. He has the life. The good thing though is once he’s done with his pint, he goes straight to his computer and writes for BigFourZa! Keep it coming Felipe
What a flamboyant football game. In every aspect there were positive outcomes and that was felt not only in the atmosphere around the stadium, but amidst our squad as a whole. (more…)

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Stoke-astic Probability

Apologies to all non-engineering people out there. It was just too well set up to resist. It is however a good term to describe how the Big Four fare against this upstart club who have give one-trick horse a whole new definition. Last season saw Liverpool do the Golden Duck against this team, failing to score in both the home and away games. Arsenal lost one. Chelsea won one in extra time, same as they did this season, with the same scoreline. United needed 82 minutes and Carlos Tevez at the Brittania Stadium to do this

Tevez Stoke

On the other hand, there have also been hapless thrashings handed down to them. (more…)

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Rafa reads Bigfourza

Reporter : Rafa, What will you do If Liverpool’s defensive problems continue in the future.

Rafa : I think I will ask Torres to score more goals!!

Well, Fernando Torres did exactly what Rafa the Gaffa ordered, when he bagged another match-ball for his spectacular Hat-trick performance that put Liverpool at third place of the table (which was were they were last week too strangely). If you are a true football fan you just have to give it to him for the stunning display of ballet dancing at the 6 yard box. If you are a United fan, just pray that he gets injured or something.


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But it’s Carling, Darling.

It’s that time of the year again, when the television revenues of League One and League Two sides see a massive spike and people suddenly hear about Swindon Town and Hartlepool. The trophy with a thousand names (ok, maybe slight exaggeration) is back! And no one gives a rat’s ass.

Carling Cup 2009

The League Cup in principle involves the 20 teams of the Premier League and 72 from the next three divisions. However, there’s so many byes involved based on so many rules, that all Premier League Clubs play only from the second round, which is the round of 64. What an idea Sirji! 20 of the last 64 is fixed. And you thought match-fixing was underhanded, illegal, not allowed and a total Kaminey thing to do. (more…)

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Of all the things ARSENAL could have done with their Velas and Ramas,including scoring wonder goals and red cards against Carling Cup teams, this is the worst and the most idiotic they could have. And trust them to go ahead and do it.


Cesc lifting a big ass trophy. Tick

Arsenal squad Jumping with Joy. Well you could say that. So Tick.

Alex Ferguson BLOWS!. Tick.


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Of all the things UNITED could have done with their Contracts, including using it as toilet paper, this is the worst and most idiotic that they could have. And trust them to go ahead and do it.



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