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It’s a room that gives birth to conflicts in your mind. As soon as you enter the chamber and see the garishly purple walls, the crudely drawn stick figures on those walls, balloon shaped and magic wand shaped cut-outs, you immediately think: Ten year olds playroom. But that’s when the conflict starts. That’s when you start to feel an overwhelming aura surround you. That’s when you see the lewd postures that the stick figures have been drawn in. That’s when you see that the balloon and magic wand cut-outs are actually…well. And that’s when, in a flash of inspiration, it strikes you: FIFA headquarters. (more…)


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Ducky’s Note: Ok, there was an article here, but we’ve decided it wasn’t that funny or cool, so we’re taking it down. We would like to reiterate though, for those of you who have read it, that it was completely 100% fiction and what turned out to be a slightly uncool attempt at a joke.  As an aside, this video is still pretty funny though, so there you go!

Also, find our first post in this series, and a truly funny one here.


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While there’s this general paranoia about the world cup being a non-club-football fan’s tournament (yes, nothing is more mouthwatering than a Liverpool 0-0 Middlesborough), it would be quite wasteful of this blog to miss out on the piece of action. Especially when yours truly has been doing a fair amount of Fantasy league table topping stuff lately (gloat).

The French team getting knocked out in Group A has given us the most schadenfraude moment of all, to an extent that some people were actually feeling pitiful for that mockery of a manager. (more…)

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Musings On Cesc

Now I know the World Cup, which is the greatest sporting event in the history of mankind and other assorted one dimensional and pan dimensional beings if you believe the news channels, is going on. And I’ve tried to enjoy it, I really have. I’ve sat in front of the television willing it to entertain me somehow. But frankly, it’s by and large been a load of cack. When people talk about balls which have minds of their own and plastic trumpets being blown by those who obviously think Lady Gaga doesn’t suffice as a treat to the ears, one can only assume that the football isn’t worth talking about. While the competition does have its moments like Quagliarella scoring a beauty of a goal, and to top that off, Quagliarella crying like a little girl, the mind can’t help but wander back to pastures red and white.



And the topmost thing on most people’s minds is the uncertain future of Cesc Fabregas. (more…)

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Ducky’s Note about the column: As football followers, we all have our fair share of other sites where we read and discuss football. We have also been subjected to some very inane ‘comments’ from ‘experts’ on quite a few of them. Our new column, ‘BFZ Times’ hopes to address this situation by expressing what we feel about all their ‘rumors’ and ‘transfer gossip’ and such. We must acknowledge right here our inspiration – some of the leading lights of football media such as a newspaper whose name shines brightly in summer, and a site which has football ‘all days of the year’ as its name. Also, massive apologies about the clearly attention-baiting headline. As I said, we’ve been truly inspired.

Ducky’s Note about the author: To help us in this noble endevour, BFZ presents its still-latest contributor (it seems to be the season for them doesn’t it?). Arun has been a Liverpool fan for 10 years now, and is very pained with the current state of the club (which fan isn’t?). Lately though he has accepted the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ philosophy (as seen by the post) and enjoys laughing about the sorry state of his club. And before all of you attack him for being so disloyal, he IS still going to stick by them through seasons to come. No matter who their manager is.

Fucks to be a manager

In a move which is bound to send waves of laughter in Manchester and the blue half of Merseyside amongst other places, Liverpool look set to appoint former Porto and Benfica star, Argelico Fucks as their new manager. (more…)

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So here’s something to ponder about. France capitulates meekly and suffers national humiliation. The Italians just got their backsides handed out to them. England face der Germans next who will then in all probability go on to face the Yanks.  All we need is for the Japanese to sneak in somewhere and mess things up for the Americans. Sound familiar this story?

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As a person who is apparently running a football blog, I am often asked, ‘So who do I support this World Cup?’ I must confess, I hadn’t formed specific loyalties before the World Cup, and so I probably just lost the moment. As an Indian fan, I don’t have any absolutes when it comes to country loyalties in football. Club loyalties are different, they get formed for the randomest reasons and are reinforced week in and week out. It’s ok with a club also in the sense that, every player there is a mercenary anyway (yes, I”m talking to you, Man Shitty fan) so there no reasons for the fans to have any reason for loyalty beyond the most tenuous.

Selecting a country to ‘support’ is a lot harder though. (more…)

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