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Pomp and Glory

If you strained your ears hard enough, you probably would have heard Felipe’s rich baritone singing ‘We’re gonna win the League’ at Fratton Park last night (or early this morning in India). Yes, the man from the Emirates was spotted celebrating in a Hampshire pub after the game and you’ll have to put up with my take on the events that transpired on the pitch (and off it of course). (more…)


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The Villain of Villains.

He has been quiet this game. Fit on scraps. But when this falls through you kinda knew, YOU KINDA KNEW where it was gonna end.

–  Andy Gray sadly glancing at his twin Vodka shots

Martin Hugh Michael O’Neill, former Celtic Manager with whom a UEFA cup finalist, a European Cup winner with Nott Forest as a player, has had only one ambition in life ever since he took over the reigns at Aston Villa. To break in to the top four. And let’s have it. He’s a decent manager. Tried hard but fucked up last season. Somewhere the Villains lost the plot and handed the gunners the fourth place. So when decent managers make mistakes, the next thing they need to do is to make sure they do it the right un-fucked-up way. And To his credit, Martin O’Neill did more than a decent job when Aston Villa clashed against their direct opponents for fourth place at Villa Park. Anyway the moral of the story is when you’ve worked so hard to get yourself upto a position only to be denied at the final moment by some force, equivalent to the ones that let bullets fly past Mr.Jules and Mr.Vincent and hit the wall, Well.. You’ve gotta be shitting yourself just like this.


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For a Moment there…

At 1-1 going into the 75th minute at the Kingston Communication Stadium in Hull on Sunday, it seemed like United’s run of worst defensive leaks had proved their undoing yet again. Most cruelly, it seemed like their best attacking option and ever-relaible frontman had handed Hull the lifeline back into the game. Wayne Rooney put United ahead in stoppage time in the first half, and then drew Hull level straight after the break as he played a wonderful defense-splitting through ball for Fagan. Sure he pulled the ball back for Altidore, but the back-tracking Rafael just about got a touch on him. Altidore, on the other hand (pun unintended), got both his hands on the ball. How the heck is it a friggin penalty? The ref’s punishing United for the bad backpass? Alan ‘unfit’ Wiley, in more than one sense of the word. (more…)

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By: Felipe Hassin Pinto

Maddy’s Note: Today was one of those days. A day when all Arsenal fans reached for the jersey that they all own and lovingly kissed the crest. A day when fans of every other team in Europe wished the Magician who is Francesc Fabregas Soler was a part of their squad sheet. A day when every gooner minus 60,000 odd wished they have that one piece of paper that has the words ‘Season Ticket’ written on it. Well we can give you the next best thing. Felipe is here with a Cesc-esque write up of his own. Magic Words – The deeper the foundations, the stronger the fortress

What a magic post Boxing Day evening at the Emirates. (more…)

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When United traveled to London on Saturday to take on Fulham in their quidditch pitch at Hogwarts cottage, Liverpool had already become the first casualty of the night, and they’d done it in style at that. One comment stands out from all the reactions to Masch’s tackle, from Jamie Reeves – “Well, he certainly didn’t go for the foot ball there”. It was a match decided by two once-in-a-season strikes. You’d feel Portsmouth could use them spread over two 1-0s rather than all in one go. But, not to deny them, a famous victory under any circumstances.

So, Fulham. We have this problem with Fulham- we can never seem to get the hang of the pitch, or the random apartments showing up over the old wooden hut they call a stand, or Bobby Zamora outjumping Evra by a clean 2 feet… all sorts of shit. The Fulham-United fixtures are now available on FIFA ’09 onwards as a built-in simulation having roughly the following logic: (more…)

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Maddy’s Note: Early Christmas present for all you BigFourZa regulars. The Man from the Emirates; Felipe is back. I don’t agree with everything he’s said here today. But I sure am glad that we have him back .

One thing is for sure; this is the weakest Arsenal squad I have ever seen in my entire life. (more…)

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At times like these it’s terribly disappointing to watch Liverpool play with an absolute lack of purpose. Personally, having defended the team in good spirits through out this blog, I feel way too cheated by this kind of display. The feeling is a total sense of betrayal. It doesn’t really matter whether Mascherano’s sending off was right or wrong. If we can’t beat a bottom table team with 10 men, we don’t deserve anything. I have been trying to convince myself that all these were down to poor luck, but today was a stinker. A fucking ray of sunshine. We have been reduced to shambles and no matter how competitive the league is, the situation is unacceptable. (more…)

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