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Long Long ago in a Galaxy far far away, two opposing forces were lined against each other in the ultimate battle for North London. The evil Empire under Ze Darth Wenger had long established supremacy over the region and the stuttering Rebel alliance. The Rebels had managed to regroup a couple of years ago and had thought they finally gained a foothold in the battle when the Empire sent out its most evil weapon yet to put paid to their hopes. Their mild-mannered, non-crossing rightback by day was indeed the fearsome, the indomitable, the taking-entire-teams-out supervillain by night… La Sagna!

Sagna... La Sagna!

Two years later though, under the nerveless Harry Solo the Rebels finally got their greatest victory ever. (more…)


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Ducky’s Note: The volcanic ash and its havoc on air travel in Europe has thrown up a lot of opportunities for the European big boys to make some much deserved road trips across Europe. Hence, in spite of being the Manc on this site, I simply had to take this opportunity to nod to one of my favourite bands, RHCP and their immemorial song – Road Trippin. So here goes, Rafael Benitez’s version of the song, while on the 1200-mile trip to Madrid.

Note 2: For best results, play the original song and sing along, like a Karaoke. Allow for some minor meter corrections though 🙂

Road trippin with my no favourite allies??


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Apparently their artistry isn’t limited to a length of grass anymore. Premier League World, the TV show, got the footballers all of us so revere to do a little caricature of themselves and autograph it so that they could auction it off for charity. Some of the drawings are admittedly as uncovincing as the service the charity Nordoff Robbins provides:‘Music therapy’. Oh well, for all I know they’re doing some excellent work.

We at BigFourZa decided to review and comment on a few drawings by a select few players and rate them on we call the Bill Watterson scale. (more…)

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Vishwa’s Note: Yet another post not written by me. This time it is a Guest Column one of our regulars, S Karthikeyan a.k.a SK having a look at what the likely outcomes of the title race would be. From two managers’ perspective.

With eight games to go (9 in Chelsea’s case) and this being the closest league finish in many many years, it presents endless opportunities for the dreamer in me to fantasize – a la that Kurosawa classic, Rashomon.

Presenting two of such tales with four crucial fixtures (chapters) taken as the crux. (more…)

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Lighter’s Note: First of, referring to myself in the third person is massively weird. Second, BigFourZa is proud to present its first ever post that’s been distilled from 86% all-natural Mourinho extracts.

“That strapping young man’s a football coach? Blimey, I could have knighted him, if you know what I mean.”

Queen Victoria, the 342nd. Famous last words.

“Bitch, please.”

Queen Victoria, the 343rd. Clearly not a Blue’s Fan.

Jose Mario dos Santos Felix Mourinho. Mr. Mourinho to the squad, Jose to his friends, Felix to the cats back home and JMDSFM to the obsessive compulsive internet acronym fan (OCIAF), this week Chelsea meet Inter-Milan, a team managed by a man who, and I speak for all Chelsea fans, holds a special place in my heart. The Chelsea tractor has hit a sort of cabbage patch playing away from home and there is no one more capable of derailing the Chelsea Cabbage Train than this man.


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Can this half kindly end? What a complete no show

-Message from a friend in the 35th minute

I know, and the worst part is their most creative player has been Scholes… OH… SCHOOOLES!!!

– Obviously, reply from me in the 36th.

Ah, Champions League nights. The CL anthem, the shiny lights and the mass of people at most decent stadia around the world (except Stamford Bridge), the battle against sleep late at night, and the completely unrecognizable ‘pundits’ on Ten Sports. (more…)

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Snow (Hey Oh)

The closest that RHCP ever came to being associated with football, or soccer as they would call it, is when they did this mad-ass concert at Slane Castle in Ireland.

Of course, now with the Irish out of the World Cup thanks to one Frenchman and Robbie Keane out of the Tottenham starting Eleven thanks to two Englishmen, the American band were under the serious threat of losing their connect to the soccer world again… until, the weather gods smiled at them over the weekend. And it Hey Oh-ed like mad. (more…)

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