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Maddy’s Note: Warning. Contains Graphic Images. If you are particularly squeamish or have just enjoyed a good lunch, I’d recommend you give this a miss.


Malice [Mal-is] – intent on the part of a person who commits a wrongful act injurious to others

Malice [Mal-is] – (Antonym) – shattering limbs to bits, issuing a statement of regret, serving out a 3 game ban and getting on with it as though everything is hunky dory (more…)


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By Felipe Hassin Pinto a.k.a The Man from the Grove

I have to confess I do not know where to begin my column today. I am extremely emotional tonight.

I have mixed feelings about the game. At the same time that I am delighted with such inspiring victory, I am still devastated by what happened to our very own Rambo. The images are still fresh in my head. Though I was not in a privileged position to see his visibly broken leg, I did see the shocked, desperate expression from our lads. From the stands it looked clear to me and to my fellow traveler Gooners that Aaron was seriously injured. It was painful watching him being carried away from the pitch, while Vermaelen and Cesc had both of their hands on their heads, as if they were not believing what their eyes had just seen. (more…)

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We got ourselves a Doing.

“I can’t really blame Wayne Bridge. If he had a clue about what I do when I’m alone, I doubt he’d want to shake my hand either.”

–          Carlton Palmer

That’s as good as this is going to get. When you’re in race for the premiership, you do not concede 4 at home. You just don’t.

West Ham cannot come sooner.

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Vishwa’s Note: Here is Aswin again but this time he has declared war on all the Berba haters/doubters.

“He’s a great player and you’re all idiots.. I wish I had bought him for 10.9 million”

Some Scotsman.

“NO JOHN!!! He could have never survived playing like that in the Malaysian league”

Shebby ‘wiseass’ Singh

Off late, I have been pretty pissed with the Berbatov bashing going on in TV commentary/forums/ opinion columns. It hit an all-time low when my roomie got mocked at work for sporting a Berba jersey by Glory hunting (to be more precise ignorant) “MANU” fans who cannot name the starting back 4. So I decided to write this discourse without referring to the sublime West Ham skill, the overhead kick assist to Valencia or calling him misunderstood genius (!!!). (more…)

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Liverpool’s visit to Romania ended up in them scoring a sum of three goals for the first time since September last year. A relief after one of the dull matches of this season at Eastlands. Although a lot of interest is generated towards City after their FA cup exit at this post, lets take a ride with some of the fun filled Europa moments from yesterday night.


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“There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s more money”

– Carlton Palmer on a roll


“I think Adebayor’s girlfriend is way too hot for him”

– Carlton Palmer after rolling

Ladies and Gentlemen, we at BigFourZa never believe in too long a gap between our factfiles. In fact, the First Factfile we did has convinced Bridge that it’s not worth staying in the same hotel as Terry. The Second Factfile we did was picked up by one of our jounalist friends in Ukraine, who then proceeded to quiz Rafa about his girth, considering there was not much else to talk about a Liverpool team without Torres. Hopefully, this one leaves a crater in Manchester the size of the City of Manchester stadium. (more…)

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City’s Clock Ticks On

In all the hype about the Special One, the Special Ton, or rather double ton, and the Double Puns (Urinary Infection etc.), everyone forgot the most satisfying news to come out of yesterday for all Manchester. Manchester City got knocked out by Stoke in their FA Cup replay 3-1, leading to this banner getting set to be moved on to the next number.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

For the uninitiated, this is a banner that hangs proudly at the Stretford end, everytime our illustrious neighbours cross the road to visit us. (more…)

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