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Ladies and Gents, Following the big success that was Chelseanazionale (I’m talking about the post, not the Oh so wonderful result that was Chelsea getting eliminated) we figured we might as well give BBC a run for their money with a Live Feed in what we like to call BigFourZa’s inimitable style. What we’re going to do here today is put a Scouse and a Red Devil in the same space and watch as the fireworks fly. I’m hoping there’ll be PLENTY of controversial incidents so that we can see a multitude of explanations for the same goddamn thing. This could be a lot of fun (assuming Torres shows up today of course). This in essence is a Three on One handicap match really. Blues, Gunners and Scouse in one corner and a severely outnumbered United fans in another. 3/4th of BigFourZa says GO LIVERPOOL!

United will be in Red and the Scouse in Black to reflect their kits so you don’t need to strain those brain cells too much really. Comments are really welcome. We’ll in fact be featuring some of the whackiest and most insightful comments over the duration of the game.

Oh and we may have the style over BBC but they certainly have the infrastructure. While we get ourselves an incredible auto refreshing awesome looking window, we request you to kindly in the meantime make copious use of that small circular arrow on the top of your screen also known as the refresh button. Cheers! (more…)


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The lines are drawn

Poster Courtesy: Our ace photoshopper Nippo

There is something about rivalries without which sport cannot seem to exist. It probably has to do with the extreme adrenalin rushes associated with high physical activity. (more…)

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by Felipe Hassin Pinto

Maddy’s Note: You have got to envy this guy. Really. He sadly wasn’t at the Grove last night. Then why envy him you ask? The reason for this uncustomary absence is that my mate Felipe is in sunny Rio for the biggest annual carnival in the world. (Yes, fellow Indians, the one we all catch a glimpse of, on Discovery Travel and Living). Still nothing could make him miss the Scouser game. Here he is with his usual piece of genius. Elaborate, Expansive, Insightful, Expressive, Passionate and Admiring. Enjoy.


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Kick off: 01:15 AM IST

Who will be watching? Me and Arvi for SURE.

Who’ll be reviewing the game tomorrow? Felipe Hassin Pinto a.k.a The Man from the Grove. So Stay Tuned.

Picture Credit: Our Ace Photoshopper Nippo

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