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Mixed Emotions

Well, I suppose I could be happy that we kept United down to a single goal, I could be happy that Almunia was brilliant throughout the game, I could be happy that Gibbs played superbly for most parts of the game and managed to keep Ronaldo quiet, I could be happy Song put in such a self assured performance (well in the first half anyway) but I really am not. I’m pretty devastated that we didn’t score that all important away goal. I’m furious with Adebayor for not being the 30-goal player he was last season and not displaying the level of commitment that was warranted in what was easily the biggest game he has ever played in. I’m irritated with Diaby for not being threatening enough going forward and giving the ball away too easy when staying back. I’m frustrated that our defense went to sleep and basically gifted United their opening goal. On the whole I’m dejected at what was an under-par performance by a team that was a pale shadow of its actual self. (more…)


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I know tonight is a BIG night of European football brilliance and all. However, I could not resist. A quick word for the Arsenal faithful who’re following the Cesc ‘Hoodlumgate’ story. Seems like I have a bit of voodoo-ish magical abilities myself.

Check this piece on that headphones wearing prick Phil Brown. I warned him bad things were about to happen

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A virtual final

Nachiket at the Bridge

Nachiket at the Bridge

Aps’ note: Herez Nachi again with his forecast of the Barcelona Chelsea first leg at Nou Camp.

Barcelona v Chelsea (UCL Semi-Final, First Leg)
Date: Tuesday, April 28th 2009
Time: 12:15am IST
Venue: Camp Nou
Capacity: 98800
Telecast: Live on Ten Sports (Indian Sub-Continent)

This match is as good as football gets… this my friends is the big daddy of all the matches in the UCL so far. In my opinion the winner of this round, over the two legs will go on and win the much coveted trophy. A lot has been said in the press about the suspension of Ashley Cole and in turn the marking of Messi in his absence. According to reports, that thankless task of marking Messi has been given to Jose Bosingwa. I am not too sure if that’s the right decision as he will be playing all game with his weaker foot. And if Bosingwa does make forward runs it is unlikely that he’ll make accurate crosses into the box from his weaker left foot. Yes, he did play Left-back against West Ham where Chelsea didn’t concede a goal but I think Louis Boa Morte is hardly the yardstick to measure wingers especially when we are talking about Lionel Messi here!!! Only time will tell if the master tactician Hiddink, has come up trumps yet again!!! (more…)

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Conspiracy Theory

Ok, here’s the deal, I think god honest reaction was “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” when the Manchester United – Tottenham match completed. What an abject capitulation by Tottenham. I mean I know they are our bogey team, but the scum roll em over whenever neccessary, dodgy penalties or otherwise. These guys have been eeking out dodgy wins all season and that’s why they are winning the title… there is no point winning grand and winning less. I guess Liverpool has learnt that the hard way.

And now they are buying Kaka? Come on, we will buy some random dude for a third of the price and a tenth of the stature. The club, I tell you, is a monster. They have a 70000-seater stadium, more fans across the world than us and a really hot presenter on MUTV.

Je suis deteste Manchester United. Le Scum.

They are such a classless club though, that’s what makes me angry. (more…)

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A Ray of Hope

In case you’re wondering what ray of hope I am referring to, Mikael Silvestré has suffered back spasms and is 50:50 for Wednesday. At his age when you expect him to fall dead from a coronary any second a back spasm should hopefully keep him for a couple of months. Fergie who was at the match must have gone redder than usual seeing his carefully laid plans go waste. Wenger should’ve continued playing Silvestré in the second half I feel, so as to ensure that his entire back fell off and there’d just be a cunty face attached to a backside and you couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Then again, you cannot have everything in life. Djourou got in some valuable playing time and should start alongside Touré (10 fingers and toes crossed). Clichy II is sure to start as well though I have doubts about Sagna seeing as he missed the game yesterday. Right back is undoubtedly Eboue’s best position as he’s shit as a winger though I still prefer the braided Frenchman who should start if he’s fit and confident again.

Arsenal Legends in the Making (more…)

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You score 2? We score 5.

“That would be too much of a coincidence”

Steve Banyard’s reply to his fellow commentator’s thought about how it would be if Tottenham were to score a third goal, referring to Tottenham-United, September 2001 – the game that was voted the Mother of all Comebacks in that season, and which holds a special place in Sir Alex’s heart too. I clearly remember that game, or at  least, I most definitely remember Van Nistelrooy’s equaliser. I also remember I switched that game on only at half-time, saw the score was 3-0, and went… well, you know what I went. As it turned out, it was a good time to start watching. Pat on the back for 10th-standard me.

I switched on yesterday’s game from kickoff, but clearly United didn’t. I watched this one carefully, looking for some interesting tidbits to pepper this post with. The initial movement were all quite fine from United, flowing and everything. Nani and Ronaldo played a bit of a 1-2 and then a 1-2-3 and all. It was on the 11th minute that the first foul was given, always a good sign that says football is being played, and not chess. (more…)

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Things that will hurt are many –

I have been thinking the last few hours about random things, it’s Friday night and I am home, sitting by myself, boring myself to tears. Yes I am a loser and all that… that’s not the point. The season’s drawing to a close and Liverpool, despite playing some of it’s best football over the past few weeks, is out of virtually everything and is going to end up most likely trophy-less.

  1. We are the only English club (that matters) not in the Semis of the CL

  2. Manchester United are going to tie our record for number of league titles.

  3. Our best has not been good enough. There have been many mistakes too many. There have been times where our attack has failed us and recently, the defence has too.

  4. The two 4-4 draws hurt more than I can imagine. I can’t even watch them on TV when they replay.

  5. Benitez’s rants against Ferguson, I am not sure I can see where he comes from, he does sound like a petulant child.

  6. The rotation policy, yes it kept the players fresh at the end of the season, but I’d rather have tired players on the verge of something big than have fresh ones playing for jack squat. (more…)

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