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Look. If you have read any of my previous posts, you’ll realize that it is very rare for me to take offence, much less, actually resort to swearing. So, you need to realize that it would take something extremely mean-spirited, something so vile so as to make the phrase “douche bag” sound rosy,  for me to bring out the ‘C‘ word.

But. Sergio Busquets. Is. A. Cheat.



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For the uninitiated, this game is called Kabbadi. It is a sport which originated in India and is quite popular all over Asia now. In fact, the game recently held it’s first ‘World Championship’ which concluded around a week ago. In a match which completely missed the mainstream media frenzy, traditional rivals India beat Pakistan 58-24 to win the Championship. The point of the game is to ‘raid’ your opponent’s half of the ground, touch as many players as you can and get back to your own half without getting smothered as has happened above. Every player the ‘raider’ touches, gets you 1 point. So why all this on our football-mad blog? (more…)

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By: Felipe Hassin Pinto a.k.a The Man from the Grove

Maddy’s Note: Felipe is back with a look at the emotional roller coaster that was last night.

I have tears in my eyes.

That is the kind of match you live for; and in case you are an Arsenal fan, that is the kind of match you would die for, admitting not a single Gooner has properly digested that last-gasp goal scored by Belletti back in 2006.

March 31st, 2010; a day to be remembered. I had a tough, tough exam earlier today. Macroeconomics. But believe me, I have to confess, my mind was anything but concentrating on the test. As is usual during the night before big games, I did not sleep well. I spent the entire night rolling from one end to the other of my bed, with some flashbacks from that sad night at St. Dennis. I was just a little boy in 2006 but still, even without permission to travel abroad alone – considering I was 17 by then – I made it to Paris and had one of the saddest nights of my entire life. Today, however, it was different. And as soon as I threw the exam back to the professor’s desk, I went running to the tube station so I could reach the north the earliest I could. No smiles. No food. I marched to my seat with almost two hours before the kick-off; such was my tension. (more…)

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Lots going on in the Red part of London this past week. A terrible refereeing decision which saw us play a whole half with ten men; a thoroughly gritty performance which brought about the best in Song, Eboue and the much maligned Denilson. One of those performances which have made everyone wake up, smell the coffee and acknowledge us as genuine contenders for the title this year. One of those performances which have fans and pundits alike acknowledge Song’s mercurial rise to being arguably the best defensive midfielder in the league currently and Denilson as someone who can actually hold his own and repay the Boss’ faith in him. As for the Ivorian, well, they’re calling him Lionel Eboue now. While it might be an exaggerated comparison, it just shows what high regard we hold the Arsenal Goal Scoring Machine in. (more…)

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Ducky’s Note: Swaroop S is a huge Arsenal fan (we seem to have quite a few of them around don’t we) and among the most active members of the EPL community here in India. He currently works for a well-known media house, but he has promised us that his heart lies with BigFourZa 😉 Here he delves deep into the forthcoming mouth-watering Arsenal-Barca clash, and comes out with matches within the match that we should expect.

The UEFA Champions League has seen many hyped up battles over the years – some lopsided, others worthy of the occasion. On March 31st 2010, there will yet an other chapter written in the annals of its history when two proud footballing clubs – arguably the two most aesthetic sides in Europe – compete against each other at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium. (more…)

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Well, I sure did tempt the fates when I said the Romantic in me wanted to face Barcelona. While it is obvious that I’d rather have faced Lyon or Bordeaux (a fact Laurent Blanc himself testified to), a fact that is as undeniable as that the earth is a sphere slightly flat at the poles is that this is clearly thus far the Match of the Season. I mean that with all due respect to The Special One’s Special Grudge Match, and the Match with the most eagerly awaited Non Handshake.

While the above mentioned two games had their slice of racy thriller movie-esque moments, nothing could compare with the intrigue the recent history between the two clubs provides. (more…)

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Well, the romantic in Maddy got his wish.

Champions League Draw

I’ll gladly take this. No Barcelona, No Inter especially after their Chelsea game. And the first leg away.

More on this soon.

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