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There was once an Octopus named Paul,

Who sensationally predicted Argentina’s fall,

All hungry Paulie wanted was his dinner,

Astoundingly, though he always picked the winner. (more…)


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As bouts go ladies and gents, this is right up there with the Ali-Frazier slugfest. Its games like these that we football fans live for. Anticipation, nervousness, abject terror, oscillation between easy confidence and sheer desperation; this is what each and every Gooner is going through right now. And take my word for it, following our monster of a comeback last Wednesday, the culés are feeling no different.    (more…)

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5 Added Minutes

My lifespan will have taken a sharp dip following this season I think.  Counting a year gone for the effect of every late goal we’ve scored on my biological ticker, I will now die 18 years younger. Think of how many trophies of the Arsenal I’ll miss in those 18 years. The funniest part is; the players of the team that will be winning those trophies are yet to be born! When they ARE born, when they graduate from the Arsenal Academy and wear the Cannon on their hearts, will they have the tenacity and the mental fortitude of the Class of 2009-10? Will they drive millions delirious with a winner scored of the last kick of the game? Will they inspire their fans to the level that none of them care whether they win or lose, and they’re just so proud of them regardless of what happens? I hope so really. Or of course, the Mayans could be right and we’re all going to be cashing in our chips pretty soon. (more…)

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By Felipe Hassin Pinto a.k.a The man from the Grove

Maddy’s Note: A highly indignant albeit slightly inebriated Felipe is back. This is not his run of the mill review you might have noticed. His posts usually span 1500 words and you almost relive the entire game with them. However, this one is short sweet and vitriolic. This goes out to all you dimwit critics out there who have as much brains as Graham Poll’s left butt cheek. I for once shall follow with a more comprehensive review.

I cannot believe some people have the balls to say we did not play well and that we did not deserve to win. (more…)

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Mes Que Un Player

Stupidity is something all of us come upon on an almost daily basis. The best part about stupidity is its diversity. It comes in various shapes (Big Sam and Ugly Phil Brown), degrees (again, Big Sam and Ugly Phil Brown), instances (lying about something that video evidence disproves in a heartbeat; Phil Brown again) and levels (did I mention Big Sam and Phil Brown?), and unequivocally and unerringly manages to evoke either jeering laughter or a pained slap of the palm to the forehead. (more…)

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Lighter’s Note: First of, referring to myself in the third person is massively weird. Second, BigFourZa is proud to present its first ever post that’s been distilled from 86% all-natural Mourinho extracts.

“That strapping young man’s a football coach? Blimey, I could have knighted him, if you know what I mean.”

Queen Victoria, the 342nd. Famous last words.

“Bitch, please.”

Queen Victoria, the 343rd. Clearly not a Blue’s Fan.

Jose Mario dos Santos Felix Mourinho. Mr. Mourinho to the squad, Jose to his friends, Felix to the cats back home and JMDSFM to the obsessive compulsive internet acronym fan (OCIAF), this week Chelsea meet Inter-Milan, a team managed by a man who, and I speak for all Chelsea fans, holds a special place in my heart. The Chelsea tractor has hit a sort of cabbage patch playing away from home and there is no one more capable of derailing the Chelsea Cabbage Train than this man.


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By: Felipe Hassin Pinto

Maddy’s Note: Today was one of those days. A day when all Arsenal fans reached for the jersey that they all own and lovingly kissed the crest. A day when fans of every other team in Europe wished the Magician who is Francesc Fabregas Soler was a part of their squad sheet. A day when every gooner minus 60,000 odd wished they have that one piece of paper that has the words ‘Season Ticket’ written on it. Well we can give you the next best thing. Felipe is here with a Cesc-esque write up of his own. Magic Words – The deeper the foundations, the stronger the fortress

What a magic post Boxing Day evening at the Emirates. (more…)

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