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Ducky’s Note: In a midly free period for cub football, BigFourZa brings to you a note on the dark horses to watch out for in the World Cup from our latest partners, BetUs. So if you’d like to make your awesome footballing knowledge work for you, and put your money where your mouth is, you know where to go.

The most anticipated tournament of the Soccer World in 2010 is here, and since the draw on December 4th we all know the groups for the South Africa World Cup. Despite the favorites remaining basically the same year in and year out, we bring 3 “spoilers” for you to get in the action of the World Cup 2010 Betting.

Remember that the tournament is played in a group stage first, where each team faces each other just one time and the two squads with more points advances to the next round. Then the elimination games begin, similar to March Madness. (more…)


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Cesc Fabregas reunites with Xavi and Iniesta!

Frank Lampard slides one in for Wayne Rooney to Score!

Didier Drogba shrugs off Alex’s challenge to head one in!

Dirk Kuyt slides in and tackles Fernando Torres hard! (more…)

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