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As is very evident, this blog has been dead for a fortnight now. That is primarily due to a completely boring post-season transfer market with Tevez and Adebayor not looking out for who’s paying more next season. Of course Jose  has now gone to Real and thus we have the complete cocktail of matter and anti-matter needed to recreate the Big Bang in Madrid right now. The talk is that the scientists at CERN will stop the Large Hadron Collider from spinning and spend thier summer in Madrid. As expectedly, and less interestingly, Benitez left the Kop to fill the hole left by Jose at Inter. If Benitez-Jose were a semiconductor pair, they would produce electricity very efficiently at this rate. Also, I’ve been reading too much xkcd.

Annnyway, for all the readers of this blog, we’ll be back in pre-season after the World Cup, hopefully on our long-promised website. Till then, to keep us all occupied, the world’s most favourite fast-food joint has supplied the official Fantasy Game for this World Cup. For those of you who have not yet joined the BigFourZa private league, here it is:

Enter the code – 171362-40793 to join the private league.

Happy Fantasizing!


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