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There was once an Octopus named Paul,

Who sensationally predicted Argentina’s fall,

All hungry Paulie wanted was his dinner,

Astoundingly, though he always picked the winner. (more…)


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Oh Eduardo!

Dear Eduardo,

I must confess the first I ever heard of you was when the official site intimated me that you were the latest member to be inducted into the Arsenal family. I mean, honestly, the goal you scored for Dinamo Zagreb against us was no more than a minor irritant in what was a comprehensive mauling over two legs. (more…)

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There were three points of time where I could have written this post. One was immediately after our latest putting-in-place of our noisy neighbours and third Fergie time winner against them this season. These three games are definitely a full chapter in the surely-to-be-authored bestseller ‘United’s late, late goals’. And of course, the sweetness of it all that it came against THEM. As encapsulated so beautiful by the untiring Red Nev in what is a clear contender for photograph of the season.

You... complete me.

Then we had Dr. Scholeslove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spuds after they carried on their brilliant home form from the Arsenal game into the game against the other Blue Scum in the league. (more…)

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Apparently their artistry isn’t limited to a length of grass anymore. Premier League World, the TV show, got the footballers all of us so revere to do a little caricature of themselves and autograph it so that they could auction it off for charity. Some of the drawings are admittedly as uncovincing as the service the charity Nordoff Robbins provides:‘Music therapy’. Oh well, for all I know they’re doing some excellent work.

We at BigFourZa decided to review and comment on a few drawings by a select few players and rate them on we call the Bill Watterson scale. (more…)

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As bouts go ladies and gents, this is right up there with the Ali-Frazier slugfest. Its games like these that we football fans live for. Anticipation, nervousness, abject terror, oscillation between easy confidence and sheer desperation; this is what each and every Gooner is going through right now. And take my word for it, following our monster of a comeback last Wednesday, the culés are feeling no different.    (more…)

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5 Added Minutes

My lifespan will have taken a sharp dip following this season I think.  Counting a year gone for the effect of every late goal we’ve scored on my biological ticker, I will now die 18 years younger. Think of how many trophies of the Arsenal I’ll miss in those 18 years. The funniest part is; the players of the team that will be winning those trophies are yet to be born! When they ARE born, when they graduate from the Arsenal Academy and wear the Cannon on their hearts, will they have the tenacity and the mental fortitude of the Class of 2009-10? Will they drive millions delirious with a winner scored of the last kick of the game? Will they inspire their fans to the level that none of them care whether they win or lose, and they’re just so proud of them regardless of what happens? I hope so really. Or of course, the Mayans could be right and we’re all going to be cashing in our chips pretty soon. (more…)

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Mes Que Un Player

Stupidity is something all of us come upon on an almost daily basis. The best part about stupidity is its diversity. It comes in various shapes (Big Sam and Ugly Phil Brown), degrees (again, Big Sam and Ugly Phil Brown), instances (lying about something that video evidence disproves in a heartbeat; Phil Brown again) and levels (did I mention Big Sam and Phil Brown?), and unequivocally and unerringly manages to evoke either jeering laughter or a pained slap of the palm to the forehead. (more…)

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