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Zero. A magical number in many ways. It seems empty and valueless at the outset, rather like Robinho’s head (in appearance and description). But once you begin unraveling its many layers, you’ll be shocked at the countless things it can be associated with. Lassana Diarra’s IQ. The number of footballers in the English football team. The number of times I’ve had an actual, meaningful conversation with a girl including my mother. The list is endless. So I’m sure that no one will be too miffed if that list is reduced by one. I’m talking of course, of the possibility that ‘The number of World Cups the Netherlands have won’ won’t be on the list come the eleventh.

This time for Amsterdam?

As a result of their entertaining 3-2 win over Uruguay, the ‘best team to never have won the big one’ are staring at their first final since 1978. (more…)


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In my experience, predictions made by the ‘expert pundits’ have a success rate equal to that of Bangladesh in Test Cricket. Factor in that even a draw counts as a success to the Bangladeshis and it makes this statistic infinitely bleaker. All sooth saying that have been done with Reputations as a frame of reference this time around in South Africa have fallen flat; as flat as Russell Peters’ stand up shows are when you watch them for even just the second time. (more…)

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Ducky’s Note: In a moment of incredible irony for all of us here at BigFourZa, our first full season as a blog about The Big Four has resulted in one of the Big Four not finishing in the Top Four. As always, we maintain that we stand by our Scouser friend for the next season and many more to come. But has Spurs’ invasion of the Top Four broken the concept of a Big Four? Swaroop, Arsenal fan by passion and sports journalist by profession, has a guest column for us about the Spurs, their season so far and what happens next.

Tottenham Hotspurs have always lived by the motto ” To dare is to dream,” but many of their dreams have usually vaporized before they wake up in the morning and smell the coffee. This time however, they have lived that dream, and have poured out all their dreams on a bowl much like how Albus Dumbledore used to put his thoughts in a pen sieve. They have dared, they have dreamed and they have finally delivered their dreams. They’ve had their fair share of  trials and tribulations which has taken them from bottom-of-the-table barely 20 months ago to Europe (Read: From Jacques Santini to Juande Ramos via the constipated Martin Jol) (more…)

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Ducky’s Note: Robert Blanchette is a lifelong United fan and an Old Trafford regular since the tender age of 9. He has his own blog at View from Tier 3 which is, obviously, the views of a season-ticket holder form Tier 3 at Old Trafford. The following post deals with a question which has hit very close to home for this blog especially, considering it’s a blog about ‘The Big Four’ – Will it become the ‘Big Three’ for next season, and the seasons to follow? Rob seems to think so.

This below article originally appeared on his blog VFT3.

Firstly, I have to say I didn’t expect any favours from Liverpool. I wasn’t praying for some sort of miracle, or that the Scouse would cut their own noses off to spite their 18 league-titled face. (more…)

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My affair with Chelsea began when I watched a little man who went by the name of Gianfranco Zola, a man famously described as a “clever little so-and-so”. It was either his intelligence on the pitch or his five foot five tall  stature. I’m not quite  sure. But I was infatuated at first sight.

But, what started out as an off and on thing, with me catching a couple of games now and then, heck I couldn’t name most clubs in the league in those days, turned into a more serious relationship, not with the arrival of Mourinho, but rather ironically, with the arrival of some very annoying United fans to my high school. If you’ve had the chance to read almost any football site that allows comments, you’ll know the type I’m talking about. Now, and no offence to United fans, I know a few good eggs myself, these were the type who turned up all, “Glory, Glory, Man United” after a victory, but could not name United’s starting eleven in the after math, and even worse, could not recognize a good footballing argument if it drove by in an open top Cadillac XLR and shot them in the head. So, Chelsea it was, and with quite a lot of fan fare at that. In hind sight, it seems silly to base almost my entire life as a football fan on something so petty, but everyone has a story, and this is mine. And I was in high school, so don’t judge me.


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When Mr. Liverpool played his best pass all season for Drogba to round Liverpool’s best  player all season and put Chelsea 1-0 up at Anfield, our own Kop Writer on this blog said that ‘he had never ROTFLed so hard all season’. It was not that the pathetic back-pass was absurdly comical, it could NOT have been funny at all for a Scouser. Just ask any Gooner about Fabianski’s basketball dunk on Bramble’s head. It was not the bad-movie-villain-type muhahahaha either, at denying the blood rivals from the other town the chance to overtake them as England’s ‘Best Ever’. It was probably close to a laugh of resignation – at the match, at the season, at the manager, and at this moment pictured below. But even so, I’m not sure that was the only cause behind my Scouser friend ROTFLing.

United for the title? No thanks, I'll Pass

The thing is, England’s not the only league where this has happened this season. And that sets up a very interesting pattern of events to unfold across Europe in the coming couple of weeks. (more…)

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The dust has barely settled. Not after yesterday’s game but after after yesterday’s game. The scenes at the Nou Camp were both awe-inspiring and ugly, depending on which side of the fence you’re watching from. Sometimes it was plain comical, if you were sitting on the said fence through the 100 minutes of madness. It didn’t help of course that the scenes took place at the Broadway of football with 90,000 Catalans simply not amused by what was going on. And yet the scenes unfolded, because the man who had made it happen is a man born for the stage. (more…)

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