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From Terry With Love

“Captain Courageous, Captain Cool, Captain Charismatic” responds where it counts – the football pitch.

Chelsea beat Burnley 2-1, to go 4 points clear at the top. Yes, unfortunately it didn’t have gazillion goals, but from those CC monikers I would choose Captain Cool for this display. The guy didn’t whine like Christiano, played unflustered and heck! He bagged the crucial three points with a thumping header, JT style.

Honestly, his personal life is his private mess but at least he didn’t go about banging Kung-Fu Kantona style. (more…)


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John – Wayne

I know I had said my next few posts would be a tribute to a Mister Tarantino, but I couldn’t resist because I read two things in the papers today that I HAD to comment on.

Let’s start off with the most interesting thing that has EVER happened at Chelsea. And predictably and understandably it has absolutely squat to do with football. Captain Courageous, Captain Cool, Captain Charismatic (Captain Cunt to the rest of us) had the whistle blown off on this chick he was doing on the side cheating on the lovely but, singularly lacking in any sort of taste, Toni Poole (lovely, snigger). Yeah, I can hear you say:

‘Hey! So what? These athletes do it all the time. Tiger Woods got busted didn’t he? Affairs in sport are like managers at the bridge. Too many to keep track of’

Yes, I agree with you there. What Tiger Woods does in his own time is his business and that would’ve been true of CC too but for THIS.


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Maddy’s Note: Since our readers seem to be connoisseurs of fine cinema and of a certain Mr. Tarantino I shall continue the trend with my next four posts and adopt a style that he most certainly pioneered.


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Chelsea smashed their way to the Premier League summit with a comprehensive 3-0 victory over Birmingham.

Before the match started, those strange thoughts ran through ‘Birmingham have been in-form… hmm could they? …Chelsea slip?’

But just as Apple started dishing out information about their latest devise, (the iPad – if you’ve been on some other planet) Chelsea showcased their own magic with a superbly worked cross from J Cole for Malouda to head it in. Super Frank settled the rest of the score line with his trademark accuracy.

Apart from the slew of chances on goal and some intense attacking right from the defense, the most exciting point was the way Deco played as the holding midfielder, just when I thought he was losing his presence in the team, this match gave glimpses of the creativity he used to display at Barca. This time as the fulcrum of the midfield. The flexibility available to Ancelloti is downright enviable – a la iPad?

So with 1 game in hand, Drogba returning from Africa and 17 goals in 4 games without him, things look promising. Here’s to a draw this Sunday at the Emirates.

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We are going to Wembley!

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is Wayne Rooney when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

-Jules Winnfield’s take on the Derby

If this was scripted by God, then it sure as heck couldn’t have been scripted better. Just goes to show you can buy any devil with cash, but not a true Red Devil.

Scarface might have scored all three goals for Shitty in the derby and made his point, but then he’d made his point during his time at United itself. No one is denying that. His case was supposed to be a nice break-up. The ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ kind. But then he had to go and sleep with your worst enemy and make you watch it. If there was ever a case for righteous anger, this was it. And righteous anger is never wasted. (more…)

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This other-big-four column after a really long time is brought to you by Aswin. A fellow Man Utd and Azzurri supporter. A man who has been through the full boom and bust cycle of the Serie A and prefers walking in the Rajasthan desert in the afternoon with winter clothes on to Liverpool’s football. Seriously!

Last weekend’s results between the erstwhile BIG FOUR in Italy were exactly what a neutral Italian  football fan did not want even if the football on display was good(and not mind numbingly boring as most of the media would have you believe) . Any hopes of a rejuvenated league were quashed and Inter are gonna run away with it yet again. Also it seems like one of the bigger teams might miss out on the Champions League. (more…)

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The next four games are the most convoluted set of fixtures I can recall since err Hull’s earlier this year. They played Villa, Chelski, us and United twice in 5 consecutive games or something like that. If only we could play Hull in our next few games and replay The Old Trafford game, I’d take it without a second thought. Of course our next four games are a thousand times more significant than Hull’s. The sooner those twats are relegated, the better it is for humanity whereas we of course are locked in a terrible battle for the summit. (more…)

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