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So here’s something to ponder about. France capitulates meekly and suffers national humiliation. The Italians just got their backsides handed out to them. England face der Germans next who will then in all probability go on to face the Yanks.  All we need is for the Japanese to sneak in somewhere and mess things up for the Americans. Sound familiar this story?


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Right! The Future.

Taking a step away from the season reviews, I am sure most of you might have caught the new Nike Ad somewhere! If not PLEASE watch it! Simply fantastic they’ve put it together.

Your thoughts?

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Apparently their artistry isn’t limited to a length of grass anymore. Premier League World, the TV show, got the footballers all of us so revere to do a little caricature of themselves and autograph it so that they could auction it off for charity. Some of the drawings are admittedly as uncovincing as the service the charity Nordoff Robbins provides:‘Music therapy’. Oh well, for all I know they’re doing some excellent work.

We at BigFourZa decided to review and comment on a few drawings by a select few players and rate them on we call the Bill Watterson scale. (more…)

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Lighter’s Note : I am neither an Arsenal nor a Barcelona fan. However, I really cannot help myself.

5 hours. The football fan in me is salivating. In a country with out a live telecast of the La Liga, this one is special.

I wait with bated breath.

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Lighter’s Note: This post has nothing to do with Ashley Cole’s private life. Not unless he has been involved with someone from the Bermudan women’s cricket team. However, given recent news reports, this remains a distinct possibility.

Ladies (and the obligatory gentlemen), we at BigFourZa are big fans of women’s sport in general and women in particular. The classes we’ve missed to watch women’s beach volleyball and figure skating alone would constitute an entire semester at most centers of learning. And so, we spent a long time contemplating what the least offensive way of writing this post would be. However, since we were unable to stop giggling like school girls, without any further ado, we bring you this.


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We’re currently in the process to migrating to a new, more streamlined theme. Some of your favourite widgets might not be available for a short while. We deeply regret the inconvenience, but we promise to make up for it with more topical non-sense on Ashley Cole’s love life 😛

Let us know what you think of the new look.

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There are only 1411 tigers left in India. And one Tiger trying very hard to increase that number.

Carlton Palmer, Footballing Pundit

Why is this here?

Confused BigFourZa reader.

Answer: To ensure some of our new readers don’t take our Carlton Palmer quotes to be real, and slag us off for quoting Carlton Palmer, of all people! That is the point, see?

For sure, what has happened to Tiger in full glare of public view is deeply embarrassing to deal with, especially for a man of his standing. But it cannot compare to the utter let-down, coupled with a deep sense of embarrassment that most of us visitors on this blog have been feeling (and conveyed as well) on watching this. (more…)

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