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First off, answers to the first edition of Interlull fun

1)      Gone with the wind

2)      The Good, the bad and the ugly

3)      PSYCHO it is.

4)      Slumdog Millionaire

5)      The Great Escape

6)      There will be blood.

7)      Casino (more…)


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“Praising John Terry for the win at the bridge is like awarding the Oscar for the best dialogues to “CAST AWAY”. Abstruse, incongruous, inaccurate and so totally dumb.”

– A prominent dig at keyrock’s prominent post

According to an old drunkard, whom I met yesterday, breaks are supposed to be used for relaxation. Not reflecting on previous performances and predicting who is going to win what. So just to beat the boredom a bit I have put up a few questions, in the form of a quiz. It’s called the Ultimate Football-Hollywood challenge. Please type in the answers as comments, and for a change, try to be honest. (more…)

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We are twins, lookalikes. But between us, there is a difference of heaven and earth. I’m the most celebrated defender at my club, while he’s a young upstart. I’m the most uninspiring captain English football has ever seen, while he’s yet to captain any side higher than a reserve side in the Swiss Third Division. I slide in to tackle the player when I feel he’s gone past me and fall over in the process, while he, well, he just slides in.

My Dad always used to say to me, ‘Jamie, life’s a bitch. And what goes around, always comes around, including Red Cards. And the only way to deal with the red cards, is to be…’

In news that is sure to shock the footballing world, it has been learnt that the FA, after holding a high committee meeting in their secret meeting room in their secret facility, decided that Jamie Carragher should have been sent off for pulling down ex-Pal Owen during the game against United last week. Appalled that a referee of the holier-than-thou Football Association could make such a grave error, they passed a secret resolution to right this wrong immediately. And the man entrusted with this onerous task – Referee Lee Mason. However, they didn’t count on one thing. Kaminey. (more…)

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                                                                       – Carlton Palmer after tasting the Real wankfest

“4-0!…bloddy hell!”

                                           -Carlton Palmer’s son

I believe that every football fan has two sides. One is the more sensible side, the other one, the utter off the street third-rate-hooligan side. But today after the historic performance by Real Madrid against spanish whatever-division side Alcorcon I have come to the conclusion that if you are not a Real fan then even your off the street third-rate hooligan side will sound more sensible than anything else in the world. So without any further ado let’s take a look at what both my sides have to offer. (more…)

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The only good thing about the International Break is that it gives you time to philosophize. Of course, if you don’t like my philosophy, don’t appreciate the turn this post is taking and have mentally made up your mind to hate this post, well, you just have another reason to hate the International Break. My life has become a whole lot clearer thanks to two things I chanced upon over the last couple of days. The first was a facebook app called ‘50 things to know when you’re dating an Arsenal fan’ and the second was a brilliant recommendation by one of our regulars, Ram Kumar, a movie called Fever Pitch. While both of the above ‘reasons for inspirations to philosophize’ may at first glance seem Arsenal-centric, it in a broad sense actually applies to any run of the mill footer fanatic. (more…)

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My two greatest passions in this world are not Crankshafts and Cylinder Blocks. Far from it. They are in fact Football and Hollywood. Actually as a rule, I love sport movies. They always have happy endings. Think about it. The Hawks never beat the Mighty Ducks. Kentucky didn’t beat the Texas Miners. The Titans won the championship. Ok, St. Francis beat Coach Carter’s team, but he still loved them. Also as a rule I hate No Country for Old Men. It was an incredibly bad movie. I thought I’d have to watch a million more movies to come across an equally bad one (the idea that something could be worse was inconceivable). However, it took just over a year and a hundred odd movies for me to watch Goal III. (more…)

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How they Jumped the Shark

Swimming, Cricket, Rugby, Gymnastics all have one thing in common, that Footy doesn’t. Probably the reason why a sport like Buzkashi is called a Gentleman’s game and Football a madman’s. Yes, these people have RESPECT for the holiest of talents, the mother of all skills and the godliest of all moves which we treat at the very same with total dishonesty and utter disrespect. And as the wise man once said “It’s a F*cking Disgrace”(BBC Bigfourza apologises for the language).


Diving, or the art of totally owning an opponent by mind, body, legs, soul and hours of watching Into the Blue, is a sublime piece of skill that only the Gladiators of men have been able to conquer. It’s not that a player could enter the arena, do a stunt and win a penalty just like that. It needs passion. Only the bravest could do that. And it, I double-dare say gentlemen, demands RESPECT.


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